Help ~ Do we know what colours are available for A/W 2.55?

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  1. Please help me?

    I know the colours that are available for pre-fall and have to say I have now got all the colours and styles I "need" :sneaky:.

    Would appreciate intel on A/W though. ;)
  2. So, I am the only person on this forum that is dying to know what new colours there will be for a/w??

  3. Not at all dear! But if you don't know, what chance the rest of us? :biggrin:

    I'm a bit like this atm... lalalalala.gif don't need no more temptation ;)
  4. M, I wanna know too...........:biggrin:

    Haha....Carole!! I love your smiley!! I think this smiley should be added to our smiley list will be so useful for many of us! LOL!!
  5. i heard whispers about turquoise, silver grey & lots of tweed. i'll get more info when i'm in London at the end of the month.
  6. ^ yum i love tweed!
  7. I would love to know too! So far I haven't heard much.
  8. wow mon, turquoise???
    ehem...i ashamed to admit this but i ordered another reissue....i promised i wont but i fell in love again...its the red jersey or wool reissue with gold chain... omg its just the prefect shade of red...breath taking...
  9. Please keep us posted, agent Anderson :graucho:
  10. I dunno if A/W is on the shelves yet, I saw the turquoise reissue at Bloomingdales yesterday! Unfortunately I didn't pay much attention, but there seems to be a lot of metallics - golds, grays, etc. throughout the line. I saw patent metallics (GST/PST, also that weird little triangle bag), metallic reissues, metallic flaps, wocs, and other items that I can't recall. I should've taken pics, huh? I might go again this weekend, I'll try to let you guys know if I see anything.
  11. Turquoise? Presumably not the one that came out for Cruise 08? Ahhh...!

    Wow, I have been dreaming and hoping and dying to have a(nother) green 2.55!!!! One in metallic green is just not enough, you know.

    Tweed 2.55? :drool: x 100

    I also may get some intel today and will most definitely share here too.
  12. Would love to know more about the 2.55 colors too...thanks miffy. Do update us later ya :graucho:
  13. f/w 09 UK update ~

    2.55 ~ LAMB ~ aged silver h/w ~ pink, grey, green

    2.55 ~ TWEED ~ black, pink, green multi (green/blk/gold) ~ these will be in a new *satchel* style ~ larger with leather handles

    Classics ~ LAMB/CAVIAR ~ turquoise, dark grey, dark blue, fuschia, dark taupe

    Classics ~ JERSEY ~ light purple, turquoise, pink, dark blue

    on the side ~

    green ~ jade green
    pink ~ baby pink
    grey ~ charcoal grey
    light purple ~ lavender

    ***the info contained in the above post was correct at the time of going to print, however, the OP takes no responsibilty blah blah blah ;):P
  14. Classics ~ LAMB/CAVIAR ~ turquoise, dark grey, dark blue, fuschia, dark taupe
    YEEES wish to see their pics soon!
  15. #15 Jul 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2009
    Black Lamb 2.55


    Black Tweed 2.55 Satchel


    Green Tweed 2.55 Satchel


    Pink Tweed 2.55 Satchel



    *** the Grey Lamb 2.55 will be metallic