Help!!! Do I buy the Kelly or save $$ for the croc birkin?


What do do w/ Kelly?

  1. Pass on it because the SAs weren't that nice

  2. Pass on it because my SA might be right & "little croc" might arrive at YE

  3. Take the risk & get it for whatever reason (e.g. SA might be right & Kelly list is closed for years)

  4. Get it because my SA might be wrong and "little croc" will not arrive for two years.

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  1. :cry: ok ladies, here's my dilemma. stopped by the boutique today (mistake #1). not sure why i did it since my SA was off today and quite honestly, i should really know better by now. i was ignored by all 4 SAs on the floor (to be fair, two were new, one was helping another customer and the last, well i never buy anything fr. her!)

    the real reason why i went in is because i saw a kelly and was wondering if it was a 32 or 28. and i wanted to see the proportions on me. turns out it's a 28 of my most fav. color in the world but in a smooth leather. argh!!!! price wise - reasonable (i.e. i could totally afford it now however if my "little croc" shows up at YE, i'm screwed :sad: ).

    what to do...also fyi placed the order for the croc at beginning of the year but for whatever reason, my SA thinks that it might show up at end of year. *sigh*. i thought it usually takes 2 years for exotics.

    i dunno. what do i do? btw, how is the delicate is chamonix? i'm not familiar w/ that skin. is it one of cheaper skins? i'm only familiar w/ the exotics & clemence.

    and another thing, the SA helping me told me that i probably couldn't place an order for a kelly for at least a couple of years... wtf?:censor: i just looked at him square in the face and said but so-so just placed a croc order for me earlier in the year. that's when he did a double-take and started to actually appraise what i was wearing and then the compliments startin pouring out....
  2. Is there a get both button? This seems very unlikely to happen again maybe take it as a sign to get both?
  3. oh that's either the third or fourth option. i don't know. right now my tummy's all in knots. and i can't think straight. i just wish the whole shopping experience was better you know. too bad my regular SA wasn't in today. good think he/she's back at work tomorrow. but then the bag might be gone.:cry:

    but then again, it was a tight fit for my current contents. does anyone know if a 28 kelly fits a bearn wallet fine?

    god, i hate this. it's like playing russian roulette. and then there's the possibility that my croc order might get canceled due to bad skin/dye job, etc. :sad:

    can someone please offer some sage advice. what do i do? btw, it was a chocolate chamonix w/ silver hardware. that's why my tummy's all in knots. i :heart: chocolate. but the SA helping me today told me that it can scratch and doesn't patina over time. is he right? oh decisions, decisions. tia!
  4. (5) Consult your SA as soon as she's back in the store.
  5. Another very wise PF member gave me great advice and asked me: what would you do if you bought the kelly, and then your birkin arrived at the same time? IF you can afford both, and love both, then go for it. But, if buying the Kelly now will make it so you can't get your birkin, then wait for your birkin to come in. I don't care what the SA's say, there seem to always be Kellys out there. JMHO. Good luck with whatever you decide!!!
  6. Honestly I don't think you were too crazy about the loved the color but not the leather. Personally, I'd wait for the croc Birkin. Maybe if you are in the mood to buy something buy a wallet, scarf, etc.. Hope I was helpful?
  7. I agree. It doesn't sound like you are 100% in love with the Kelly. Wait for your Birkin and a Kelly that you really love.
  8. oh you gals/gents are wonderful. thank you! yea, to be quite honest, the leather was causing me worry since i knew nothing about it and the whole shopping experience was actually quite blah! couldn't believe i got so snubbed. and i've been there TONS of times before. it's just the whole package, you know?
  9. It IS the whole has to all click and then it was meant to be. That's what I believe for a lot of things. I walked away from a beautiful but not quite right for me Kelly one day and a few days later the PERFECT chocolate Sellier Kelly came into my life...all the components were there. Color, size, leather, price. It was as if it was waiting for, don't give today's experience one more moment of thought. Tomorrow, call your SA - chat him/her up a little and check on your croc order. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  10. i will definitely do that. thank you everyone. i feel 1000% better. and for the record, chocolate chamonix is divine but the color is incredible dark. almost black. but nice & matte!
  11. oh and one more thing (sorry guys), i do remember my SA telling me that they want to make sure i get the perfect bag (i.e. no impulse buys). sage advice. i should listen more often...
  12. Chamonix is lovely but this is obviously not the Kelly for you. The Kelly is much easier to obtain than the Birkin - I'd wait for that then save up again for the Kelly of your choice. If they let you order a croc ANYTHING they'll let you order another chocolate Kelly later!!
  13. I think I'm late but glad you're listening to your heart!
  14. Oh no, you're never too late. the more people that steer me in the right direction, the better!
  15. Yes, you should wait for your croc birkin.

    IMO, croc birkin is more fabulous than a normal kelly!!

    Nothing beats an exotic leather with a normal one.

    If you get one, we'll all be glad to see how yours look like.

    Just asking, what color in croc are you ordering?

    Hope you don't mind.