HELP! Broke my ban... :-(...

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  1. I need reassurance that I did the right thing since I feel like such a failure right now.
    One of my dream bags is an '04 Black City. I just scored one on eBay for $600. Am I an idiot? Would a deal like this have popped up again if I'd waited until May when my ban is supposed to end?
    Please make me feel better...:crybaby:
  2. Stylefly!!! Feel better! That sounds like a great deal! May isn't that far away either. It can't be that often that one of your dream bags pops up so most likely you won't be tempted (as much) as you continue on your ban.
  3. You did the right thing! Great deal on a hard to find bag! Congratulations!
  4. You shouldn't feel bad at all as long as you stick to only buying 1! That is a geat deal for an older bag! CONGRATS and ENJOY it!!!!
  5. Wow!!! You definitely did the right thing!!! You got a fabulous deal!! Can't wait to see pics!!:yahoo:
  6. You absolutely did the right thing! I think you would have regretted it if you hand't grabbed this bag at such an amazing price.
  7. you did the RIGHT thing. What a steal! if you realize down the line you cant really afford it, i dont think selling it will be a problem ;)

    congrats and please post pics when you get it~!
  8. Cripes stylefly! :nuts: Bans are MADE to be broken... for the right bag! :graucho:

    I didn't even last two weeks on my so-called ban... ya gotta buy when your dream bag appears at a great price! :yes:

    Way to go! :wlae:
  9. OMG :nuts: Congratulations!! An 04 Black City for $600??!! :nuts: you lucky duck!!! :yahoo:

    Even though you were on a ban, this is such a rare find that you did the right thing by breaking your ban!!! Can you imagine how much you would have regretted it days, weeks, months from now if you hadn't bought that lovely bag?!

    (but hey, if you're still feeling guilty....I'm happy to take the little bugger off your hands!:graucho: )
  10. $600?!! :nuts: Whoop whoop!! :jammin: When a great deal comes around, don't feel bad snatching it up especially when it's your dream bag. Have fun rocking it! :yahoo:
  11. you did the right thing! :yes: you could not have passed up that deal. congrats!:yahoo:
  12. YES!! If you get a deal like that the ban ends right before you hit that BIN button. Congratulations!!! :smile:
  13. Great bag for a great price which down the line may have cost much more.
    Congrats on getting one of your dream bags, I know how that feels!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. WOW!! :nuts: You'd be nuts if you didn't go for it.

    But in any event, if you're having painful second thoughts:devil: , I will fully indemnify you agaisnt this foolish hasty purchase. :graucho: :graucho: I have my pen poised over my check... just say the word and I'll unburden you of that bag in a jiffy!:wlae:
  15. stylefly, congratulations on the 04 black city! I would break my ban too under the same circumstances.