Help! Blondie Needs Color Advise! Asap!

  1. OK, - EDITH - !!
    I am so torn, Whiskey, Mastic, Jade, or Gris Vert
    I am a tiny little blonde girl with too much bronzing powder and green eyes. Winter-time I mostly wear black or grey coats...

    ARRGH - why must all colors be so darn FAB?

    Tell me what to dooo...
    (I can't wait to get my Edith):angel:
  2. Welcome agnes! Let's see, this is tough! It ultimately comes down to what you LOVE!!! Which color do you love the most?

    I have always loved Whiskey it is so versatile and gorgeous IRL, but the Gris Vert and the Jade looks amazing as well. Either way, you can't go wrong! They are all fabulous!
  3. Yes I do looove the whisky. but what's putting me off is that everyone has it..and all of the fakes are in that color as well! :'( WHY oh WHY must there be FAKES? I don't want anyone to think Edith is a "Schmedith" !
  4. I think jade would be good for your coloring plus it is an amazing bag! I'd like one in jade or turquoise, I'm a blonde as well.
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I totally understand! But I still love Whiskey, and no matter how hard they try, Schmediths are so different from the real thing!! So if that is the color you truly love, then go for it. Although the other colors are just as gorgeous! I am no help, sorry! But you really can't go wrong! Cheers! :drinks:
  6. I think the Mastic is just an unbelievable color. It is very unique and the black stitching is such a strong contrast to the charcoal coloring of the bag. If I had to choose between grey or Mastic I'd choose Mastic hands down. Also, Mastic would look fabu with blacks/greys wardrobe.

    I am not so crazy about the Jade...for some reason the green color doesn't compliment Edith's structure, IMO.
  7. Thanks for you opinion you guys! do you have a Edith?
    I have not seen one IRL (there are only schmediths to be found in crappy Schweden) so I am clueless!

    OK, now I have the Whisky in my shopping bag at LVR... I'm going for the checkout button...just need to grab a banana (this is exhausting) and feeeel the whisky fo a while. picture wisky Edith in my lap. hanging with me at the coofee shop. taking care of my books for me. Guarding my wallet and bronzing powder from picketypockets...

    Hm. Now, I picure Grisvert Edith. She's a bit more edgy. She likes my Acne jeans and would get along well with Silverado. but I think maybe she would suit a secret service agent better than me. I am a girl who likes to be seen. Jadedith would do that for well as whisky. Whisky is more cuddly and secure, She would join me in front of the fireplace a cold swedish winter night for a, well, a glass of whiskey.
    I think I need one right now.
  8. "Schmedith" <------:roflmfao:
  9. Agnes, yes, I do have an Edith. Mine is whiskey (attached photo). The color you see in the photo is pretty true to life. Whiskey is a good choice!!! Maybe seeing it in a real life photo over an advertising photo will convince you to go the whiskey route?

  10. You know who else has one of the most beautiful Whiskey Ediths in my opinion? Etenebris! Here is a photo. Isn't the color gorgeous?! :love: ET, I hope you didn't mind me copying and pasting your photo!

  11. Oh LOVELY!
    Thank you for your photos!
    I looked deeep in to the glass of whiskey and it said (not suprisingly):

    So now she is bought and paid for!! :smile: She only cost me $1100 USD incl shipping because of the great euro rate.
    Oooh, lordguinny yours is truely a BEAUTY I hope mine will be that cute as well! But what am I saying, ALL Ediths are cute! (just the whisky one's more than others I must agree)

    Now it's 4 am here and the sun is up. I must go to sleep.. But I will post pictures and give you 'Rado's and Chanel's opinions on Edith as soon as she turns up on my doorstep :smile:

    Good Night and thanks for helping me in my dielmma! I feel so confident now. Cheers! :biggrin:
  12. Hey Guys..... I bought the Mastic yesterday. I'm so happy and like it so much.....

    I also struggle between getting a Whisky or Mastic when I was in the shop.... and I turn out getting the Mastic, coz I like the black stitching

    And I have to thank for you guys who have given a lot of valuable information and experience talk.
  13. ohoh! congrats!! take and post pics pleeaase!! :smile:
  14. Agnes, thanks you for the compliment. I hunted high and low for the "perfect" Edith (since each one is so different from each other). I even ordered two to make sure I could compare to see which one I should keep. If you get yours and the leather isn't what you want (i.e. not pebbly enough or scrumpled enough) don't let it deter you from owning the bag! Send it back and order another one until you find your "perfect" Edith!!! If you search the threads here you'll see that many of us PF'ers have bought, returned and compared several Ediths before settling on the "perfect" one.

    Vivienne, you must post photos of the Mastic! That color looks so gorgeous and I would love to see a photo of it from a member!!! The black stitching is so striking next to the charcoal leather!

    Congrats to you both of you ladies! :cutesy:
  15. The mastic seems to be my fave among the new colors. I think it would look fab with black. The whiskey is still my all time favorite though - of course i'm biased being a whiskey Edith mommy:tender: