HELP! Azur or Ebene Eva Clutch??

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  1. (Sorry I know there is a similar post)

    I recently bought the Azur eva clutch but now...

    I am having doubts :confused1::-s:wondering:oh:

    The Azur would be harder to maintain because of its colour, and if I went on holiday I am worried that the sun and sweat would just ruin it...

    I am starting to think I should go for damier ebene just for the freedom from worrying about the weather, spillages, transfer of colours and sweat...

    What do you guys think?

    I really really really do love the Azur, it is absolutely beautiful.

    Should I swap for a damier ebene?
  2. if you love the azur then keep what will make you happy!!

    the ebene sure is pretty though!
  3. I prefer the Damier Ebene since the Azur could get denim/color transfer. Exchange the Azur for Damier Ebene.
  4. if you really like the azur then i say keep it :P !!
  5. deff ebene.. i'm just obsessed with it, it's my fave canvas (:
  6. I say Ebene too but if you love the Azur why not keep it? ... And then save for an Ebene too. :graucho:

    (You know that's the answer you're looking for! ;))
  7. Thanks for your replies.

    The Azur is really stunning and it compliments me more than the ebene. My bf also likes the Azur more.

    However the ebene would be worry free and it was my initial choice before I saw the bags in person in the store.

    I got 10 days to decide if I want to exchange.

    Does anyone own the Azur Eva? Or Any Azur pieces are they hard to maintain?
  8. I have an azur galliera and i have had no trouble with it at all. I do find it to be more of a summer/spring color though so maybe the ebene would be better for now??
  9. You are right, I was thinking that also.

    You can wear the ebene through all seasons, Azur is bright and won't go with winter clothes.

    I should just get both - but I would be spending too much!

    How do you look after your Azur Galliera? If you get stains on it is it removable? Does it not change colours over time?
  10. Babyb33, if you feel that way about Azur, maybe you should return it for Ebene and then save for the Azur so you can buy it again in the Spring?

    I have seen pictures of girls wearing Azur with winter coats etc and I think it looks as great as it does in the summer, but if you feel you'll get more use from the Ebene Eva right now, you should switch it for now.

    The Ebene Eva is gorgeous, in any case! It's my favourite of the three.
  11. ^^ Yes. I agree with HeavenAF, the azur is more summerish, but i still think it doesn't actually matter THAT MUCH! I've seen tons of girls carrying azur bags all year long.. so follow your heart! Of couse ebene is darker and it totally matches winter colors but you can use it even in summer, honestly i lvoe carrying my speedy ebene with light colors too!
    I wouldn't be worried about azur because it's no leather and you can clean it pretty easily.. I'd be just obsessed about vacchetta because I hate patina eheheh Just my two cents!
  12. You could always get the ebene now, and then save up and get the azur around April.

    The ebene is good all year round, and can also be dressed up and down too. I think it is the more versatile bag of the two...

    as for the azur, i have never had a problem with it, i have never had something that wouldnt come off of the canvas, and im not super overly careful with it. You do have to be more careful with azur than ebene though because of the vachetta
  13. Thanks for your advice. I was thinking along those lines too.

    Ebene now... Azur later! I can get it in Rome when I go on holiday.

    I'm from the UK, and the weather here is unfriendly to vachetta. Anyone who lives here would understand.

    Feel sad that I am limited by the weather. I do love the Azur design dearly, but the clutch in ebene would definately be used more often and it would be more practical. It's a decision of logic vs heart :sad:
  14. ebene is a great winter bag, because rain sleet or snow, and it still looks great!
  15. Babyb33, I'm in the UK too - Scotland, of all places! - so I know all about rain. I still have no idea what I'm going to do when I get a brand new bag that has a lot of vachetta. The idea of water spots etc terrifies me!