Help! are these bags real???

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  1. this guy on craigslist is selling both bags for $600. He said it comes with both of the receipts and the LV boxes. Please help :wacko: I've never seen a pochette with that kind of strap. What do yo think?

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  2. Are those the only pics you have? Kinda hard to determine w/ only one pic.
  3. Be careful just because he has 'receipts" doesn't mean they are real. Reciepts can be faked and some place are even selling copies of fake receipts for people to sell with their bags. One such site was posted on this foruma while back.
  4. thats a mini poch accesories! :smile: (i cant spell) its really cute! its got a chain strap, i think it just can fit over the shoulder, or you can have it like a wristlet :smile:

    it actually does exist in the LV collection.... its just a bit smaller that the normal pochette - i hope this helps :smile:

  5. the pouchette exists. its 247? at LV. the other bag looks like an oversized speedy, and the regular speedy is about 450?
    just becareful. i am so afraid of shopping on ebay because of so many fakes out there. see if you can see a picture of the receipt. LV keeps track of all of its purchases.
  6. This is Craigs List proceed with caution !!! I know to many people that have been scammed with various ads on this site.
  7. Thanks girls! I'm meeting this person on Saturday and were meeting at an LV store downtown. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks again!
  8. can't hurt to look and see, they both look reasonable real to me based on those pics.
  9. good deal!!!! buy them...if they show up with those in the pic. Good LUCK!!
  10. Please find our LV forum for LV authenticity questions.
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