Help! Anybody know how to fix a deformed box

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  1. Hi,
    I recently asked my friend to purchase this beautiful celine classic from another country's celine boutique,
    before he bring it to me, he wrapped it with bubble wraps and it stayed there for over a week
    because the buckle sticks out, the bubble wrap pushed buckle so the front part went inwards, so the bag now looks like it's been squashed
    looks like the opening of the dustbag also left the back part uneven
    we tried to put more stuff in the bag, but the curve stills stays there, is it because we didn't put enough stuff there?
    I asked some sales and they told me it's most likely won't recover
    could someone please let me know how to fix the front curve and the uneven leather on the back?
    attached some photos
    WeChat Image_20181204160025.jpg WeChat Image_20181204160037.jpg WeChat Image_20181204160043.jpg
  2. What color is this bag? Is it current?
  3. The colour is Amazone and I am sure that some boutiques have it currently, however, I think the stock is very limited and it might not be very easy to grab it.
    So sorry to hear. Did you place some stuff particularly under the squashed part of the bag (in the middle) or did it take space of the whole area? I have not experienced this and sorry for not being more helpful, but probably placing stuff REALLY TIGHTLY just in the squashed area will help a little.
    I understand, we all want the bags to look perfect, but even in this condition your bag is very lovely and Amazone is simply a stunning colour!
  4. I have an Amazone box, but the color looks very different. I guess it’s the lighting.
  5. If you stuff the bag back up so that the lock sticks out the way it is supposed to, and keep it like that for a while, then this effect should minimize. The indentation on the back can be fixed in a similar way.
  6. Hi! This is a different color, it’s called dark green, it’s from last year
  7. It’s dark green from last year
  8. Thank you! I’ll try to stuff it for a while, really hope it can go back to the original shape
  9. Thank you! My friend wrapped the whole bag and didn’t stuff the bag, it was wrapped for over a week, because the buckle originally sticks out, it was pushed inwards because of the wrap, so it’s pushed the front entirely. Btw this is dark green not amazone, it’s the green from last year, we found it in Moscow Tsum boutique last month! I’ll try to stuff it and I’ll let you guys know the result
  10. They released a similar color this year called amazone, it’s a little darker and has a blue tone to it
  11. it doesnt look deformed actually. just enjoy the bag!
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