Help A Team Member Choose So Kates!


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Katherine is having a So Kate dilemma.

Here is a snippet of her editorial on TalkShoes this week.
And I can see the difficulty she is facing!.

Yesterday, I decided to walk down to Saks and see if, by chance, any So Kates were available, and I was lucky to find three pairs in my size! This is the first time I’ve tried on a pair of So Kates, and the sales representative brought out the light blue suede pair first. I was tall, my legs looked incredible (who needs the gym?), and the color of these pumps was just magnificent.

As I was modeling them to myself in the mirror, the salesperson brought out two more pairs for me to try – one in snakeskin print, the other in mustard-yellow patent leather pair. Out of the three, the patent leather pair were the most snug, but as a rule of thumb, real leather always stretches – buying them a pinch snug is actually a good thing....
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Nov 21, 2013
Is the yellow one really a So Kate? The toe box looks more like a new cut Pigalle 120 to me. And the heels seems too thick for a So Kate.

Vote for the blue. The color is just amazing.


May 26, 2010
Berkeley, CA
Definitely the blue water snake. It's stunning, but could totally work as a "neutral" (vs the ones on the left). I agree with the others, the yellow one isn't a SK pair. :smile: