Help~!!35 Kelly in bright color, Souple? or Rigide?

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    Hi all, I need helps~!!!!
    I wanted to get 32 Kelly, but SP recommends me to get 35 Kelly and I found that it fits better for me. (I'm 5'9") . I think for 32 Kelly, Rigide is better than Souple for both casual and formal occasion. But I don't have any idea for 35 Kelly. Someone say that Rigide 35 kelly looks like a briefcase, and someone say it looks great.
    I have 2 birkins, and both of them are 35.
    Do you think it's still better to get Rigide? or get just Souple? I want use it as both daytime bag with strap and dining out tote. Does Rigide kelly look good with strap?
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    Im 5'9 and I love the 35 Kelly. I have two souple and one rigide. You're right, the 35 does fit 5'9 perfectly. You really could go with either but I do prefer the souple just a little bit more. I feel I bang into things less with retourne. It could be briefcasey looking on some but not at your height. Its just a big delicious kelly! By the way, what leather are you thinking of?

    WHen using a strap on kelly, I think the smaller Kelly bags look better and retourne better than rigide.
  3. Thank you, Luccibag. I'm thinking of leather for Souple, soft leathers such as clamence or togo look good and make better shape, and for Rigide, stiff leathers like epsom looks pretty. But, still not sure for the stitching btween Rigide and Souple. 35 Epsom Rigide would look good? I've seen some of 35 Rigide with soft leater, but not many 35 Souple with stiff leather. still confused:confused1:
  4. Hm, I'd rather do a softer leather for rigide and a stiffer leather for souple. It would soften the look on both.

    I have a 32 courcheval (like epsom) which is rigide and its quite stiff because of the stiff leather and stiff model.
  5. I like the brighter colors in souple.
  6. Personally, I prefer a Kelly 35 in retourne (souple) as I feel a 35 rigide is very hard to wear. If is brief case like and in a bright color, I would not like it at all. The retourne is the best choice from the sound of how you plan to wear the bag.
  7. Here are my 3 35 Kelly's. The two in the back are souple in clemence leather. They are trying their hardest not to floop over. The one in the front is my rigide in dark brown box leather. They seem the same size when being carried and not flooping.

  8. luccibag, what color is the white one in the bag? it's hot. does it get dirty easily? there is a white 35 clemence taht I'm considering, but I was worried it'll get dirty really easily.
  9. The one in the back is gris clair. Its my FAVORITE of all my H bags! It doesnt get dirty easily, well I tend to wipe them down with meltonian cleaner/conditioner from time to time anyway so they dont get a chance to ever get dirty. I'd LOVE a pure white kelly one day!
  10. I prefer the 35s in non stiff leathers and in retourne. When you hold the retourne in Togo or clemence the bag does have a different look. I'll post a pic of what I mean when I get home tonight. I'm not as tall as you so for a rigide Kelly I prefer 32s. If taller like you, you really could go both ways. Depends on what kind of look you prefer. I love bright bags but in a 35 Kelly, I could use both. Really versatile size kelly.
  11. Big and bright kellys are fabulous. I have a 35 bj in clemence. I like the contrast of the "ladylike" bag with bright smooshy leather.
  12. I'm 5'3" and wear a 35 or 40 retourne Kelly. I have a 35 Rigide in Graphite Croc. I prefer retourne since I can fit more in and it's easier access.
  13. i love both..............i have a 35 retourne souple but in box so its sort of soft yet structured
  14. brighter colors look good in souple. I agree with Rose.

    blue jean, soleil, orange, etc.
  15. Retourne for a bright 35 Kelly
    retourne is slightly easier for access and not so stiff

    all the best with your decision