Hello Lorca!!

  1. My new HH Lorca just arrived today. It's my first HH. I love it:heart: The leather is so soft and huggable. The saddle color goes with everything and I love the style. Now, I need some advice. I will wear this bag when I don't want to carry all my stuff--even 'though it fits most of what I haul around with me. What would be the next size up for just a bit more room. I don't want anything huge, but a little more space for when I need it. Ladies, please help me...BTW, I'm not giving back the Lorca:graucho: I just returned a Kooba Gretchen, which was beautiful, but just too heavy to carry:crybaby:
  2. My next size up is the Salina. Next larger is the Mercer Satchel. And I'm awaiting the next size up (Havana hobo in saddle) LOL! :graucho:
  3. I'd say the Mercer, it expands to fit quite a bit but isn't enormous. You could also try an Ana if you want something quite different. I prefer the satchels to the hobos generally but that's just my taste, I know there are a lot of HH hobo ho's* on here.

    *see now I'm subdividing the ho-dom, we can have hobo hos, Paule Marr-hos, etc.
  4. I do believe I will carry my poppy Mercer satchel tomorrow, to celebrate my 'Friday' - I took Friday off so I've got a long weekend coming up!

    I'm an HH Inka Ho, just so you know, but I'm getting a good start on a solid stable of a little of everything HH - :roflmfao:
  5. Glad you love your first HH. I also would say that the next size up is the mercer satchel.
  6. Thanks ladies...is this how it starts? Ho-dum, I mean:nuts:
  7. I am just a HH ho...:wlae:Enjoy your lorca...
  8. :yahoo:Congrats - I am soooooo jealous, so want that bag, but live in the UK :hysteric: