heatstamping- 1 inital or more

  1. I am going to have my agenda heatstamped. i wanted my 3 initials but my SA thought just one would be better. for those who have heatstamped or want to- which do you prefer?

    i was also thinking about getting the zipperpull on my speedy heatstamped. she suggested it and i think just the h on there would be cute. anyone ever thought of or done that?
  2. I prefer 2 to 3 initials versus only 1 initial. I also heatstamped my name on the strap of my papillon since my name only consisted of 4 letters. It all depends on your liking.

    As for zipper pull on your speedy, that's a cute idea! I never thought of that. Be sure to post pictures if you decide to stamp your zipper pull.
  3. Yes, I agree with you. One initial on the zipper pull of the speedy. But, two or three initials would look better on the agenda. IMO
  4. is heatstamping free? or no?
  5. :sad: Things like this make me wish I had a middle name... three initials just look so much more balanced.
  6. I think you should get all 3 initials!
  7. I like all three initials as well...do they have different size fonts so the initials can be small for the agenda?
  8. i had mine 3 initials.....
  9. Three initials balances the piece...
  10. i think i will do 3. yes they have different sizes so you can do a BIG one letter or 3 smaller ones. i think i will do the zipper pull of my speedy. if i ever decided to sell it someone could replace that very cheaply. but i never will lol.

    they have different colors too! my SA thought i could do baby blue or yellow in my red agenda but we both thought the silver is best- which is what i always was thinking of.

    not sure of the color on the damier though--- maybe gold.

    yes, heatstamping is free!
  11. Wow I want to get the zipper pull done on my speedy done! How long does it take I am assuming it has to be left there? Do I just take it in to them and ask for it? call ahead? thanks!:yahoo:
  12. it depends on the store. they do it themselves in house but not all stores heatstamp. the 5th ave store told me 3 weeks, the Saks store said they send it to 5th ave so it's whatever their timeframe is. the bloomies store doesn't heatstamp- they dont have the equiptment- but theyre going to do me a favor and do it for me. but in general you leave it there and it takes a few days.

    some people also get the part attached to the speedy done- see the heatstamping club- i think someone on there has it. but i'm not fond of that. it is however making me want to heat stamp everything.
  13. I've seen 3 initials and loved that, like the classic monogram. Very nice.

    Excuse my naive question but how much does heat stamping run?
  14. free!!!!
  15. Cool! Does it have to be on a new bag. I just got my speedy, should I have it done before I use it much?