Heads up about Riveting Pochette

  1. Today I brought my Riveting Pochette back to the store for exchange, I've used extensively these 3 weeks and it has already patinaed.

    The canvas edges near the front zipper were fraying! I got my exchange, and the SA who attended to me said I was the first person to report about that.
    It looks like that area is prone to fraying and since I've been tucking the pochette under my arm, I think my clothing might have loosened the frays!

    I still love the style though, guess I'll be more careful with it now.
  2. :wtf: thanks for the heads up!
  3. Yes..Thanks for the info! I haven't used mine yet.
  4. Thanks for heads up. I'm going to take that off my to buy list.
  5. Thanks for sharing that with us, good to know .
  6. Thanks for the info, good thing I didn't want this bag.
  7. Oh boy, thanks for that heads up! Seems a little risky for a nearly $700 pochette..
  8. :wtf:

    oh dear..
  9. Yikes! :wtf:

    Thanks for the helpful info. :yes:
  10. Thanks for letting us know - I'll keep that in mind.
  11. Thanks for sharing-now I really need to consider if I want the bag or not
  12. thanks!
  13. Did you by any chance take any pictures of that part before you took it back? I am thinking of buying this bag today and now that I read this I am not too sure.
  14. Thanks for the info I've only used mine twice
  15. Thanks (crossing off my list).