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  1. ^^^ Omg, YES.

    I sa-wear I was way more on the ball wo kidlets. (not that I don't love them to death, they light up my life, blah, blah...)

    We just had the "Santa lives in the NP and the mall/downtown Santas are helpers" convo w the 3 yo. And his other Qs... omg, forget it. I just can't keep up. And then the redonkulous arguements/logic have me w serious oatmeal brain, fried synapes... even coffee and synthroid can't combat the madness.

    Good Luck, Jwhit! You deserve a SWEET prezzie from Santa Baby for being such an awesome mama! :hugs:
  2. I know it's nowhere NEAR the same thing, you fabulous mamas out there, but DH and I had some sad moments last January after we took the tree down and Ada just kept going to the corner where it had been, standing with her nose IN the corner, and meowing mournfully like her best friend had been taken from her. We felt so guilty for taking it down! :roflmfao:
  3. Awwwww Jenni - that's so cute.

    And other mamas out there. Yup - children cause dementia and grey hair and saggy tatas and other saggy bits. Oh yeah - don't forget the frown lines and other worry wrinkles.
  4. Why don't you tell him that Buddy didn't get his orders from Santa because his cell phone's reception is poor where he was standing and Santa doesn't know how to text? Sheesh..poor you, Jen.

    "Down the chimney? You want me to take the toys down the chimney into a strange house IN MY UNDERWEAR?"

    What..Santa doesn't look like this??? I'm distrought. Seriously though...
    Chanukkah Harry was an important part of my kids lives because in some way, although after they got old enough to realize that neither Santa or Harry were "real" they realized how important it was to keep up the pretense, was my DB (may he rest in peace) when they saw how much fun my DB (may he rest in peace) was having and what joy and awe the young kids felt at a JCC party.

    Finished my Chanukkah/Xmas shopping except for one SS in NYC tomorrow. If the weather is horrible,I'm still going to try to hit the BE&D sale. I love their bags but they run about $500 up to thousands for python or exotic skins. I want something specific for me (it's also my mmumble mmmuble anniversary). Plus if I can, I'd love to find something special for my DDs. I have a strict budget and I'm leaving my CCs and ATM card at home.

    Some sort of virus is hitting chez Gingey. Two kids are home from school with fever and I'm beginning to feel a tickle in my throat, my head is feeling heavy and stuffy and I'm a bit tired. (I will STILL go to that darn SS..:p). I hope it isn't the flu.
    Chanukah Harry Costume.gif

  5. LOL..Jenni Bourbon breath?:nuts:

    I remember wondering how Santa Claus could be on every corner and in department stores at the same time. But then again, we have Elijah the Prophet on Passover who visits seders all over the world..and I wondered about that too..needless to say I got bounced out of class a great deal during certain classes.

    sallyca Jen...:roflmfao:

    OMG.. I think there must be some sort of algorithm to calculate the aging process based on 1) how far apart your kids are spaced 2)when your DDs "come of age" (I don't want to get too down and durrty) 3)when your DS decides he likes beer 4)when both genders discover sex 5)when they get their licenses...etc. etc.

    Then factor in how many times they ignore you, roll heir eyes at you when you ask them about something (only to tell you that you never listen to anything they say), stomp into their rooms and slam the door, forget to text/call to say they aren't coming home until a)later or b)tomorrow, say I hate to bother you but I MUUUUST have this yesterday..(like OMG I have to go overseas and my passport expired and I'm leaving next week), and escalate their "interactions" to Defcon 12.

    I think I'm the oldest woman alive in the world. :nuts:
  6. Gingey - TOTALLY relate to everything you said. DD is upstairs right now trying to organize herself to do an application for school next year and is telling me that I am somehow responsible for the loss of her high school transcripts. Or the "misplacement" of them.
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    Of course you are and of course it is, Sally. Ditto headphones, favorite pieces of apparel, shoes, coats, boots, flashdrives, PDAs, cellphones and even emails. What more can I say :shrugs:

    I'm cracking up at this exchange because Roseane Barr has a wryly humorous routine. Apparently husbands and children think the uterus is also a tracking device. Except in my case, I'm sans internal "lady bits" and this still goes on.

    So I'm wondering if it is really something genetic..not physical like in a body part....say in the mitochondrial DNA? Hence ,it really is every mother's fault that things are misplaced and must be found.

    Oh, and apparently fathers/husbands/DFs...wth.. OK..most males..don't have this ability. Ummm...and what happens when "Jennifer Has Two Daddies"? (Sorry if this is not exactly PC but it's something that I've discussed with my gay male and female friends..they are still laughing at me.)

    I wonder the ability to do this magically gets triggered once a woman gets marries..why else would our DDs be incapable of finding things? BTW..even when DH is home, everyone still comes to me..le sigh.
  8. Oh - you're talking about "male fridge blindness". Yes - we are afflicted with that here too. And LOL about the uterine tracking device.
  9. HHHotties, I am laughing so hard from these posts.

    I want Santa, Chanukkah Harry, Buddy the Elf, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy or some other mythical creature to bring mama some Botox, Restylane and PERMANENT hair color (you know, the kind that when you have new hair growth, it's NOT gray).
  10. ^ Rebate on Perlane and Restylane going on right now, jwhit. (Up to $100 off each!)
  11. male fridge blindness... uterine tracking device... :roflmfao::lolots:

    we totally have that in my house too. somehow the DH just does not SEE things. at all.

    DH - where are the olives?
    me (from the other room - bottom shelf
    DH - where?
    me - 3/4 of the way to the right, in the jar with the green label in front of the hunk of cheese, to the left of the diet coke
    DH - oh... not THOSE olives...

    GB - take care of yourself. I think the first rounds of flu have hit my office and I'm downwith something icky :sad:
  12. :roflmfao: at the santa stories and channukah harry. what a nice reminder to 'believe.'

    in fact, i may just help santa by picking out a present FOR me!

    :lol::lol::lol: dh is afflicted with male fridge blindness too. it's my #1 pet peeve. my dad actually doesn't have that condition. he always used to say, "look with your eyes, not your mouth."

    we don't have kids and when people ask why not, i tell them that i'm married to one. :p

    have fun at the be & d sample sale, gingey. their bags are exquisite. you can probably find a bag that retails for almost a grand for a couple of hundred. i lovelovelove their garbo stuff. and the studs aren't sharp at all. so perfect. i was tempted to go today but, really can't justify another bag. i may still drop by week's end. dh's office is around the corner.
  13. The fridge is one dimensional to men, if it's not in the front row it's invisible. My hubs will open the door and, holding the handle, lean back and say, "where is it? I don't see it!" He hates it when I look up from across the room and say, "I can see it from here." I'm thinking, "if it was a snake it would have bitten you." Once in a while that leaks out my mouth.......

    Take care of yourself gb!
  14. Oh thank goodness, my husband isn't the only one who does that! I was beginning to think there was was something wrong with him. Now I realize it's a 'condition'. LOL
  15. :roflmfao: Fridge Blindness!!!!!!! :roflmfao:

    We seriously have it bad over here! Not just fridge, but keys, socks, underwear, wallet, phone... and then I have the kiddies!!!

    Omg, Sally and GB yer cracking me up about these uterin homing devices!