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  1. Thanks, Nat! And welcome (?) to the HH subforum!
  2. You're welcome! I used to be a mod in the Chanel forum and in some other forums, but Megs and Vlad upgraded me to Super Mod :biguns: Which simply means I now have mod privvies in every forum on tPF ;)

    Feel free to PM me if you have suggestions for the HH forum :tup:
  3. :ghi5: Super Mod sounds pretty darn cool!!!!
  4. Haha, thanks! :ghi5:
  5. :graucho: (El)Supermod

    Um :roflmfao: No suggestions, but I'm sure you've already been given a heads-up that we're a stubborn, prolific, hilarious, often off-topic crowd :p Think intelligent, articulate, fiercely loyal, super-stylin', budget-conscious toddlers. And good luck! :winkiss: I know I've, er, curbed many of my rebellious tendencies so I promise no trouble out of me... can't say the same for the rest of this lot! :smooch:
  6. [​IMG] El Supermod! :roflmfao:

    LOL, nope, nobody told me anything....but thanks for the heads up! :graucho:
  7. Welcome to the HH-Subforum Nat :happydance::ghi5:

    ITA with Jenn we are all the things mentioned above and more...

    I'm having phone issues!!! It makes me want to cry (again) So I switch from my iphone back to a blackberry and I thought I had gotten things the way that I wanted them then I tried to use the BB Apps & email and it says that I can't. :pout: I need blackberry data plan. So I talked to at&t and they told me that I would need to do is cancel my account ($200 per line) I'm on a business plan so I would have to cancel 6 peoples accounts then I would have to buy a blackberry from them (even though I have one in hand) and pay full retail price (about $650) then pay for my mirco sim to be converted to reg. sim (already done but they would charge me for it anyway) and the worst part is that I already sold my iphone to one of my co-workers who no longer works for my company. So now the money I was going to spend on a handbag will be going toward buying another iphone either from at&t or from feebay. :crybaby:

    Thanks for letting me rant.
  8. Sorry about your phone troubles Lu! That bites.

    Hola Hotties! Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

    My computer crashed. Well, not really my computer...anymore. :lol: DH and I had one computer and a laptop. We split and he took the laptop, and I was using our main computer. My brother offered to buy me a brand new computer (he wants to help me, and this is how he helps.) :wtf: Crazy guy...love him! Anywho, he ordered me a shiny new computer on Wednesday, and Thursday when I got back to my place, I found my (DH's) computer belly up. Right now I'm borrowing DH's laptop, but I don't know how long that will last. It will be a couple of weeks before my new computer arrives.

    So I had to have my mom do my Black Friday LB cyber shopping for me. I did get the RM Bond Mini clutch in fire engine shine and a teal alligator embossed companion pouch.
  9. Nat - el supermod. Jenni was being pretty accurate. We are sometimes creative ranters. But also - this is the most supportive, wonderful group of women/hotties ever - even though many of us buy other designers, we hang out here for cyber hugs and amazing friendship. Lots of laughter and tears.

    LULU - that phone shizzle sux totally. Will the new BB and plan work in Italy?

    Clutched - hope your new computer comes soon.

    Has anyone heard from 2-many???
  10. ^^ I think MT got a card from her last week.

    UGH tech difficulties! I've got a homemade CD stuck in my MacBook drive :sad: DH made me a mix of all the "Jenny" songs out there as an apology for being a true horse's rear one night, and it keeps grinding, won't eject... I'm having to leave the laptop *open* all the time. I'm going to take it to the Apple store in SLC over the holidays.
  11. Lulu - That really sucks! :hugs:

    Clutched - I'm glad your mom were able to do the cyber shopping for you and yay for an awesome brother! :biggrin:

    Sally - I don't think anybody has heard from 2 many in a while. :sad:
  12. I got a card from 2 many a couple of weeks ago too.

    I hope you can get the CD out Jenni...I think that happened to me before and somehow it came out when I turned the computer off and back on. I was able to eject it.
  13. Ruh-oh.

    I think MT said the card might have been sitting in her office for awhile cuz she had been away from work with her surgery.
  14. Sally- I'm just going to buy another iphone and deal with it's issues (cheek dailing and such) Either way no matter what phone I end up with It'll work in italy. I'm on an international business plan.

    I also got a card from 2-many about 2 weeks ago. I hope she is well and is getting some much needed family time and rest.