Have you seen these?

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  1. I am not really a fan especially these one, but thought maybe you gals would like to see them. Courtesy to style.com

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  2. Few more...I like no.2 and no. 4.

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  3. Someone posted some of them a while ago. . . a month or more maybe{?}
    I like the stripey bag, nautical is "in" this year it seems. SO crisp!
  4. Thanks for posting pics! I not too crazy about these bags. Maybe they'll grow on me ...
  5. hehehe, yeah i remember seeing the stripey one!!!
  6. Oopse, I missed that thread, sorry. Maybe Vlad can take them away? You see I am not normally into Balenciaga.
  7. No, no, this is fine! It's old now and didn't include all of them, just a few! ;)
  8. No problem with this thread at all KK ;)
  9. I like the b/w stripes!
  10. I'd like the 4th (the clutch) if it were in blood rouge. :smile:
  11. Love, love, love the stripes!
  12. Hahah, actually I don't like the stripes. It's very much like the look of a particular football club's jersey here in Australia.

    I like the 1st one.. drool.
  13. I love this one!!! Someone told be LVR would be stocking them, but I don't think it'll fit into my wardrobe. The orange leather would probably clash horribly w/ my stuff, darn it.

  14. This Japanese site, Tocopacific, has the bag too. It looks more orange-y on their site for some reason (it only makes me like it more, though) ;)

  15. They're selling the striped one on LVR. You have to email them for the list.