Have you had a bad experience at a Gucci store ?

Feb 13, 2006
Honolulu, HI
I had the most wonderful shopping experience at Gucci yesterday that I have to say something. I went into the store with my friend to pick up the Tian French Flap Wallet. I was telling my friend about how beautiful the Tian packaging is. The SA gave my friend a Tian catalogue in a Tian Bag. So thoughtful!! :smile: My friend was so touched. She would love to buy a Gucci anything, but alas, she has a husband that will not let her buy anything designer or even semi-designer. :sad:

What a sweet story!! How nice of the SA. I find the ones in Hawaii to be great and very cordial.

So sad for your friend, though...maybe she can convince him to allow her one small leather good and it will last so much longer and be so much more beautiful than most non-designer pieces.

Would love to see photos of your Tian wallet in the other Tian thread! :graucho:
Aug 2, 2006
My biggest gripe with Gucci is the lack of yellow arabesque items in Australia! Lol. I understand that Australia is a small market and can't have everything, but it is depressing to miss out on special items. In a global world, wouldnt it be great for stores to be able to order in items not just locally, but from around the world?
Some of the stuff I see on the international websites makes me weep with frustration.
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