Have you had a bad experience at a Gucci store ?

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  1. Have you had a bad experience at a Gucci shop for any reason at all ? It could be anything .. Bad service etc ..
    Anything you think the head company should know ?
    Have you contacted the company before , did they solve the problem or sweep it under the rug and make you feel not important ?

    Also you can note any very good experience as well ...
  2. I went to the Houston store five times in the last year. I always experience great customer service. The downsize is the store doesn't carry many of the styles or colors offered online; they offer to order the items for you. But I can do that, I go to the store to see, feel and try on items in person. The stores should have better stock.
  3. I go to the Gucci in Neiman Marcus in Austin Texas. I have had amazing service there. The SA's are kind, helpful and very knowledgable. They are classy and polished but not snobby at all.
    They not only remember me, they also know my children and sent lovely me a card when I had my baby! I am very impressed with the Gucci Store here in Austin.
  4. Gucci stores in Singapore. Excellent service.
    Can't say the same for some LV stores though.
  5. I've always had the very best service in the many stores in London and Cannes
  6. I shop at the Gucci store at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego and recently purchased my Tian Tote there (as they were sold out at Neiman Marcus). I found all of the SA's and even the security guard to be friendly and extremely approachable and helpful. I would highly recommend this store. :heart:
  7. There was only one time my experience wasn't up to par at the Gucci boutique that I usually go to. However it was the first day of the sale and there weren't enough SA's to even assist everyone in there. It was a bit chaotic so that's okay.

    All the other times service have been excellent. Even when I just go into the boutique to browse, the SA's and store manager know that I'm not making any purchases, they still assist me. They take their time to talk with me and any collections pieces, etc. It looks a bit intimidating at first but they are very friendly.

    Sometimes when I go to Toronto and shop at Yorkdale mall, I try to make time to go to the Gucci boutique there. The SA's there are excellent as well and very professional.
  8. I hated my experience at the Gucci store in Chicago Michigan Ave and vowed to never set foot and buy anything there again. This was during the sale last year. Basically, no one wanted to assist even though they're not busy. When I went to someone for assistance, I was told that that it's not their area so they can't help. The person they pointed me that can help was busy with her client and I got a "I'll help you after this" speech which lasted way longer for my liking. Oh well, their loss! And it's not like I was dressed in rags and was using a plastic bag as my bag lol.

    I now just buy online or through Saks.
  9. I had a wonderful experience at the Gucci store on the Avenue Montaigne in Paris (Feb 2016). It's where I bought my Boston Tian bag. However, I've had indifferent service at the stores in Vienna, Lugano (Switzerland) and Geneva. The stores in Vienna and Geneva were really busy, so perhaps that's the explanation there, but no such excuse for Lugano. In general, I've found that service at LV stores is consistently welcoming, more so than with some other brands, unless I stop in when the store is absolutely mobbed.
  10. I had terrible service at the 5th Ave Gucci boutique a few days ago; it was so poor that I decided I was never going to shop there again. I don't mind brisk service -- the faster you can get me what I came for the better -- but I very much mind you telling me stores can't accept gucci.com returns when it says right on the receipt you do, getting passed on to another SA when you're not busy, and that SA giving indifferent service (she didn't even seem to want to pull my size). I have spent nearly $6000 on Gucci shoes alone this past month and there are other items I wanted to get, but now I just won't. I have plenty of other shoes/bags/clothes; I'd rather spend my money more pleasantly elsewhere.
  11. Very disappointed to hear that apey_grapey, particularly when you've been such a good customer.

    I don't know the rules for returning to Gucci within dept stores in the US but I know there're many discrepancies and complications between dept store cons and stand alone stores as I once had the same problem trying to return a wallet from online to Harrods. The rules are so damn complicated!
  12. I understand that sometimes there are directly conflicting policies, which is why I didn't push the issue. However, as Gucci positions itself as a luxury retailer, I think that when there are conflicting policies the store would accommodate the customer, and then make sure that the policy is made consistent. It was an opportunity to earn good will and gain a good long-term customer with very little effort (the store stocks the item); they failed.
  13. Huh that's too bad apey_grapey.. Very frustrating!! Designer brands such as this should make returns as easy as possible for their customers, it's one of the reasons we pay these prices- superior service is part of the package!!

    Luckily my only experience at the 5th ave. boutique was a good one-the SA helping me was very nice and patient, even though I didn't end up purchasing a bag. I'm sure it helped that the store was very empty because it was cold and raining hard outside though haha.
  14. Apey Grapey, the Madison Avenue store is fantastic. I have had great service (multiple SAs helping me, giving me the new items books, boxes for my purchases, etc.) both on the phone and in person.

    The Singapore stores are terrific as well. Such a contrast in service from say, e.g., the Chanel stores.

    The KOP store is nice if you are there in person, but I did not get good service on the phone when I was trying to buy something.
  15. I had the most wonderful shopping experience at Gucci yesterday that I have to say something. I went into the store with my friend to pick up the Tian French Flap Wallet. I was telling my friend about how beautiful the Tian packaging is. The SA gave my friend a Tian catalogue in a Tian Bag. So thoughtful!! :smile: My friend was so touched. She would love to buy a Gucci anything, but alas, she has a husband that will not let her buy anything designer or even semi-designer. :sad:
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