Have You Ever...?

  1. no

    ask someone(stranger) where they got something they are wearing that you like
  2. yes, but mostly just compliment them

    gone swimming in the rain
  3. Yes, and luv it !

    been asked to bake desserts for a private party ?
  4. Yes

  5. no

    competed in swimming
  6. No

    Read more than one book in a day?
  7. Yes !

    locked your keys in the car ?
  8. no

    same question?
  9. Yes, while camping....grrr!

    Same Q!
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    Yes !

    been invited from the audience at a concert to dance on stage with the musician ?
  11. no

    dove off of a 5 meter or 10 meter platform
  12. No !

    saved a person's life ?
  13. no

    washed your own car?
  14. Yes.

    Sneak out of your parents house..as a teen?
  15. Nope

    Worked as a janitor or maid?