Have You Ever...?

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  1. #1 Apr 26, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2012
    I thought this would be a good variation of "Would You Ever...?" or other similar games.

    The rules are essentially the same: One person asks whatever fills in the blank of "Have you ever...?" and the next person answers it and asks another question in the same format for the next person and so on.

    I've been wanting to start this question game because I'm curious about what people have already done in their lives and not just what they comtemplate on or would consider doing in given scenarios.

    I'll start:

    Have you ever...

    ....driven a speed boat?
  2. no

    called someone by a different name?
  3. yes

    fell in front of a crowd?
  4. No thank goodness.

    Passed out?
  5. once...

    lost something very valuable?
  6. nope

    worn ill-fitting shoes just because they matched your outfit?
  7. no

    worn high waisted baggy pants?
  8. nope

    not kept a promise?
  9. Yes, but only a few times. I think I'm generally a woman of my word.

    ...gotten caught red-handed stealing food that wasn't yours from the kitchen?
  10. no

    called in sick to work when you weren't sick?
  11. Yes. I was having too much fun with the SO drinking, and I did not want our weekend to be over!

    ...ran into someone from your past that you did not want to see ever again?
  12. yes...very awkward!!

    been cheated on?
  13. Not that I know of. I hope not!

    ....played dumb?
  14. yes

    had a relationship with someone you met online?
  15. No !

    ....dated a friend's ex ?