Have you ever travelled to another country just to buy a certain thing?

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  1. I'm curious because I'm doing this now! There's no Miu Miu here so I'm travelling to Italy to buy a bag. Of course I will buy a lot more things there (well not in Miu Miu sadly, I mean in Italy) hopefully, but that's the main reason.

    Anybody else done this?
  2. Nope, can't afford to. :P But I have traveled as far as an hour and a half to a specific city or outlet to purchase something specific.
  3. Yes, I regularly travel to the US to purchase designer goods I cannot get here.
  4. ^^ Can I ask you where you live? I'm just curious how far you travel from.
    I think I wouldn't go outside Europe just to make a spending spree.
  5. If I wasn't so broke right now, I'd go to Paris to get yummy macarons and millefeuile, clothes from Morgan, and LV.
  6. Mexico for diet pills and Prilosec!
  7. LOL! I wish!

    Happy shopping and let us know what you get!
  8. lol, no country hopping for me. although i have told my husband that if i lose or ever damage a specific silver ring, we're gonna have to go back to Costa Rica to buy another one (hand made by a local woman).
  9. I'm in Canada so it is a minimum 6 hour flight depending on where I am going.
  10. Not to another country yet, but I do want to go to Paris just for the shopping! The most I've traveled is to another state.
  11. i haven't but i wish i had the power$ to do that :tender:
  12. I would if I could. I considered going to Paris for a bag but scrapped that idea. It's too impractical and wasteful. Maybe when I'm a billionaire, I will consider it :P. For now, shopping in San Francisco or Chicago would have to suffice.
  13. i've gone to paris but i live in london so it's just a train ride away ;)
  14. My mom buys a lot of skin care stuff in Korea. but we don't go there just for the skin stuff :P
  15. Living in Canada, I don't have access to the same stuff when I lived in the States so now, whenever my parents come to visit, I have a list for them:

    Act Fluoride Rinse
    Orbit Gum
    Secret Clinical Strength