Have you ever bought a new Coach bag and hid it in your closet?

  1. LOL! I just did that and I'm actually laughing about it. I had my 41st birthday in June and DH & I were in NYC celebrating and he bought me a Coach bag at the store there. THEN I passed my RN boards in July and thought I'd treat myself to the online store and spent another $300. THEN I decided I couldn't live without the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Pond so I found a new one on eBay and it just arrived yesterday. I tucked it in my closet for a while. DH would never say anything but I just don't feel like another "eye roll" and chuckle from him right now.

    My plan is to bring it out in a couple months and IF he even notices I'll say, "This thing? It's not new, I've had it for months...." LOL! :whistle:
  2. My Miranda is still hiding in darkness waiting for the right moment to come into the light!
  3. My Sig Stripe Demi I just bought myself for my birthday is in the closet right now. I'm not sure when she'll make her first appearance.......

    I'm preparing him for the Ergo Hobo I'm buying on the 1st by dropping hints and showing him that page in the catalog at least twice a week.... when he's mad about that I'll probably bring her out and get the mad over with all at one time.
  4. How funny. I hide bags from dh even when he knows they are coming...I just don't feel like reminding him of my bag obssesion sometimes when they come rolling in :smile:
  5. Haa! We should all get together and have a "coming out" party. LOL! :boxing:
  6. I've tried this, but DH is way too observant. He knows exactly how many dustbags are there and notices everytime there is an addition.
  7. You could put two smaller purses/dustbags into a larger one. :idea:

    Dang, he's smart!
  8. Same here. My dh knows everybag I own. He is observant and usually a big part of my decision making when buying a new bag. Although I have a denim shoulder bag coming in tomorrow that he does not know about. I have to be sneaky...very sneaky tomorrow when fedex arrives.:supacool:
  9. haha. I just know im going to be the same in the future hopefully I wont have to hide too many in the closet lol
  10. Now that's a great idea :graucho: Thanks!
  11. I don't hide anything from my fh, he KNOWS about my Coach sickness.:graucho: But he has his own vices and as long as I pay for my bags with my money, he won't and knows better not to say anything. :p

    As for my parents, they don't know ANYTHING about my Coach bags!!! They WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND at all!!!! I've always had a thing for bags and they got used to seeing me with a new bag every week when I was younger....so I think that's all the see it as...."yep, she has another bag." Little do they know that the price tags have gon WAY up from what I used to buy. :p I try not to make it obvious that I'm carrying anything "Coach" because I fear that they'll figure out it's a designer brand and then they'll put it together that I'm carrying a designer brand!!!!

    So if I get a new Coach I try not to carry it around them for a few weeks, so I can pull what some of you have mentioned "oh, this, this bag isn't new, I've had it for a long time." :graucho:

    My dad would SH*T if he found out how much a Coach bag costs and than I spent money on one. My parents aren't against nice things, but to them Coach bags would be "WAY TOO NICE". :p
  12. I have done this a few times... I usually fess up after a few days because I want to bring it out so bad!
  13. My mom and I do this all the time- the good thing is that my dad doesn't notice when one of us has a new bag, and if he says something then my mom brings up how much he spends on Boy Scout stuff, lol.
  14. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one - I always have a stash in my closet- I hope my DH never gets on here to see this-LOL!
  15. I did this with a Gucci bag I bought in March and waited to take it out until we went on vacation to San Francisco. He didn't notice it on the drive to the airport, at the bar in the airport, on the plane or even once we got to SF! The next day my friend who we were staying saw it and noticed it IMMEDIATELY! :p He won't miss the next one...my Coach Legacy Swingpack is coming in the mail and he works at home!