Have You Ever Been On Jury Duty ?

  1. So far i have not.

    Have you ever been selected for jury duty ? What was your experience ?
  2. Yes. My trial was 9 days long. It was kind of interesting to hear all these people testify with pictures etc. The lawyers were wonderful speakers and the hours were shorter than work. I believe I was there 9-5 or even less each day. We would have long lunches and breaks. However the bad part is the last day when you decide the verdict, and you feel bad for the other party staring at you when you make the decision.
  3. I served for 2 days about ten years ago. I loved it!

    I don't know how I would feel about a high profile or murder trial though.
  4. If you register to vote, your name is automatically registered to be on teh list.

    I haven't been contacted, but hope I won't.
    I hope I'd be let off the hook as the stay at home- primary caregiver of 3 children and a husband that travels most days of the week.
  5. Nope, haven't ever been asked to serve on a jury yet. I'm sure my day will come eventually though.
  6. I've been called twice - once for Federal and once for County, but I've never had to go in. I've always sent in the hardship form to try to get out of it...our company will reimburse us for a couple week's pay less the pay you get as a juror (which isn't much) but no more than that.

    As much as many dread it, I do hope I get to do it at some point in my lifetime...it is a part of our civic duties, IMO! Hopefully on a short trial.
  7. I get called every year, but I never went as far as being selected.
    Actually, I have another one this month (have to show up).
  8. Never :smile:

    I dunno what I'd do if they call me up now, lol. I live in Germany but I still have a US (Virginia) DL :smile:
  9. Yuck. I am notinterested in anyway.

    I was chosen last year, i ditched during lunch n never came back. They never called me or arrested me or whatever. I even got compensation.

  10. I've received summons twice. The first time, I tried to get out of it because if it takes more than 90 minutes round trip from your home to the court house, you're automatically excused. I don't drive, so I used the transit planner and it came out to exactly 45 minutes each way. When I called the jury services office, the *****y woman manipulated the transfer criteria and came up with a result that was 40 minutes each way. Of course, on the day I went, the first bus was late and it made me miss the subsequent transfers and it took me 3 hours to get to the courthouse. I got credit for showing up, but I just sat around watching M*A*S*H.

    The second time I got summoned, it was closer to my house so I had to show up. They were about to do jury selection, but the lawyers settled the case so we got excused. The county I live in seems to be vigilant about summoning people. Before, when I lived in a different county, I NEVER got called in.
  11. I got picked last year for a criminal trial and served for 2 days even though I was trying my hardest to be excused. Then all the elders voted me on as a foreman because I was a law student. :upsidedown: It was very interesting to see the trial from a different perspective. While some of the jurors were falling asleeping next to me, I was taking down mad notes during the trial. :lol: I didn't feel bad at all for the Defendant because I believe she deserves it.

    One time is enough for me and I don't want to ever get pick again, but then I have the worst luck when it comes to jury duty. :Push:
  12. I received a summons last year... but got out of it because I was moving out of state.

    Makes you almost not want to register to vote
  13. Ya, I heard they randomly choose their potential jurors by the DMV list and Voter's Registration List. They never send me a summon until I registered to vote 3 years ago and since then, they call me in every freaking year!! :Push: Seems like the chances of getting call in as a juror doubles when you register to vote.
  14. I was picked (for the first time) almost twice in one week. I had to serve on a drug possession case and it was a mess. The other jurors really didn't want to be there (nor did I) and the judge had to constantly interrupt the argument to explain the courtroom language. We we there a total of about 6-7 hours and gave a guilty verdict.

    That same week, I was almost chosen for an attempted murder case and I held no punches that time. The judge was not letting people off for work or anything, but I was honest....I said I didn't really believe that people who did not want to serve should serve. I know it's a civic duty and we're chosen by the people on trial, but if they knew half those people didn't want to do it they would think twice about the selections, not to mention these people had NO clue what was going on---one man was asleep (yes, I was saying this in front of everyone in the courtroom). The judge looked at me like :wtf:.

    Needless to say, I was dismissed. For funsies, I twitched a little on the way out of the courtroom.
  15. I have been called down once , but not picked .......