Have you ever been on a TV show?

  1. This question occurred to me last night as I was watching some shows...like "What not to Wear" and some HGTV shows yesterday afternoon. Or any reality-type show? Game show? Since everyone here is probably well-dressed, I doubt you were the subject, but were you in the "What Not To Wear" show, for instance, as one of the friends who put somebody up for that?

    It just hit me last night that some of you on tPF could be on a show, and we would never know of it, so spill all if you have been. Just wondering...
  2. Nope, I've been on the radio a few times though! Not for anything important though.
  3. ^^Radio counts. Might we have heard you? :smile: Also, answering something for a tv interview would also count. Or, an advertisement on radio or tv?

    Oh, OH! I did a television commercial once. (I have tried successfully to forget it) The ad turned out okay, but leading up to it was a nightmare. It's a funny story (in retrospect), but I'll have to tell you later about it, because I have to be away from the computer for awhile.
  4. i used to be an extra and a model when i was 5 or something! :roflmfao:
  5. Probably not LOL it was just outside a concert once they did like a 5 minute interview with me & my friend. Then another time we went to a celebrity charity football thing & they decided to interview us cos we had welsh accents, haha.
  6. Yeah....when I was around 4. I was on a local tv station and they interviewed me at "Safety Town" they asked me what kind of things we learned and if I was having fun. The interview was with me and this boy sitting on trikes and the other kid didn't say ANYTHING when the interviewer asked him questions, he just sat there dumb-founded. They even ran a picture of the interview with me in it on the front paper of the paper.

    Does that count??? :p:graucho::roflmfao: I wouldn't consider it my "big" brake or anything!!!!
  7. i was on "Fox & friends", the morning program and I had a part in an indie movie:nuts:
  8. Wow - good topic. When I was about 5, i was on one season of Romper Room!! (Say it with me" romper, bomper, stomper doo, tell me tell me who are you?") Only pictures as memories, they didn't have VCR's back then! :wlae:

    Then about two years ago, we were on Airline on A&E. It's the show where they follow around people from Southwest. My step-daughter was coming home from her mom's house and her dad was told her plane had landed and disboarded - and she wasn't there! After about 1/2 hour of airport alerts, we discovered her plane was still in the air and the person at the gate told us the wrong info/wrong flight. It was from the same departing city, but not her flight number. Quite scary at the time, but funny now. We were freaking out and she had no clue. Now we're in re-run hell (it shows fairly regularly)
  9. I was on the news at least once or twice. The first time they filmed one of my college classes and you could see me for a second. I looked like crap.

    The second time a reporter came up to me as I was on my way back from walking in the park asking about crime in the area and if he could interview me. I was wearing a big old t-shirt and leggins and tennis shoes and was all sweaty and basically just looked like ****. It was also at a point in my life where I'd gained a few pounds. So I REALLY looked like **** on the news. And the reporter of course was standing there in thick makeup and he looked great.

    So I've been on TV twice and both times I looked awful. never on a show though

    I do know two people who were on game shows. one of my friends was on Wheel of Fortune when hew as a teenager. Another guy I know won $30k on the Weakest Link.
  10. So moral of that story is...Always dress like you're going to a cocktail party when you're just going to class or sweating from a walk in the park, huh? :smile:

    I'm loving these stories, so keep them up. :tup:
  11. i LOVE this show... glad your experience turned out ok... i've seen quite the crazy scenarios on that show!
  12. When I was little, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did some anti-drug campaign and came to my school. I got to go up on stage and give them a pizza and they showed it on the news.
    Also, when the Super Bowl was here in 2003, I was in the halftime show with Shania Twain, Sting and No Doubt. That's the extent of my tv career lol.
  13. When I was in high school I ran all the time on the local public access station for a few different things I filmed. One was for a say no to drugs thing the high school kids did every year visiting the grade schools in the district - it was kind of a documentary of the day and I was the on screen host. The other was a self defense show - a kind of common sense thing all about "what would you do if you were in this situation".

    Then a year ago they were filming Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Philly and were filming down at Pats and Ginos while I was out getting a cheesesteak...so I'm in the shot a few times there because I was right behind the guy from the show when he was ordering at Pats.
  14. You can see me for two seconds when my sister and her husband got their wedding featured on TLC's A Wedding Story. It was really cute! My sister said that they get stopped all the time and asked if it was them on tv!
  15. thankfully not!!

    I hear TV adds 15 lbs to your face....that's the last thing I need !!