Hasselhoff Daughter Attempts Suicide

  1. From TMZ.com


    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that one of David Hasselhoff's daughter tried to commit suicide Sunday night.
    It happened in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles at around 6:30 p.m. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ David call 911 from his home and reported that his 14-year-old daughter had "cut herself."'
    David Hasselhoff and estranged wife Pamela Bach have been going through a bitter divorce and custody fight. Hasselhoff had been accused of brutalizing Pam, restraining orders were issued, but many of the issues seem to have been resolved.
    We're told the LAPD responded and 14-year-old Hayley Hasselhoff was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Her condition is not being disclosed. The Mental Evaluation Unit of LAPD is now handling the case.
  2. I hope she finds the strength to make it through...along with the help she needs.
  3. definalty agree^ so sad.. and at such a young age
  4. Oh, that is very sad. I hope she gets through this alright.
  5. Oh no.. this is terrible. I hope her parents keep her best interests in mind during the divorce. :\
  6. :sad:, sad news, hope she gets some help, it must be awful when you are in the public eye purely because of your parents.
  7. terrible news.. hope she gets some help from a psychologist..
  8. So sad, hope the parents will get it together after this.
  9. Oh my. SHe's so young....=(
  10. That's really sad, I hope she pulls through this.
  11. How sad! I didn't even know they had a daughter. It's so difficult to be a teenager, and doubly so for the daughter of a celebrity. I wish the best for her!
  12. I am sorry but since the girl is underage i think we should not post her picture at least at tpf. She has obviously reasons to be unhappy let's not give her one more...
  13. Prayers lifted to her.
  14. poor girl..must be hard to deal with the parent's divorce..
  15. Apparently this is a convoluted hoax/lie.

    The cat scratched her and Hasslehoff is trying to make the mother look incompetent, he called 911 and lied.

    Here's the story...
    Did Hasselhoff Make Phony Suicide Call? - TMZ.com