Has Your City Ever Saved Itself?

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  1. aw something similar happened to my friend;

    she was carrying her chanel classic flap cross body style, and some idiot tried to make off with it, clearly not realising it was around her body

    he ran away so fast when he failed to snatch it, and my poor friend was left with a horrible bruise on her neck where he had yanked at the chain

    you had a lucky escape! well done miss city!
  2. Terrible! Thank goodness you're ok. I feel somewhat better knowing that they were after the contents of your bag, and not the bag itself, ughh....
  3. I'm so glad you weren't hurt and you still have all the contents of your bag! As well as the gorgeous bag itself, teal is a lovely colour :heart:

    I have a personal alarm I attach to every bag I carry. If I'm ever walking somewhere where I'm unsure or nervous, I'll have that alarm in one hand. If anyone grabs or pulls my bag, I'm still holding the "pin" of the alram so it falls out of the alarm and it goes off. And it's loud! I figure they will then drop the bag or let go pretty quickly. It also protects me of course, as we aren't allowed to carry anything for self defence in Australia, the personal alarm is all I can do. :sad:

    But this happened in the middle of a city - I can't believe that. :wtf: I feel safer in city streets with people around. I guess I have to start being paranoid everywhere I go.:shrugs:
  4. Thank goodness for those handles!!! I am so happy that you saved your bag and all the precious items inside! I doubt they knew what type of bag it was. They probably were after the goodies inside. We had a rash of purse snatchers at the strip mall where i shop for groceries. The kids would come by on bikes and snatch them up! It has been going on now for almost a year. I was down to a cp for grocery shopping for quite awhile. My hubby is always concerned about my bags/contents.
  5. Funnily enough, a friend of mine witnessed an attempted handbag theft in the same place, a few months ago. Even though I have read many newspaper stories about street crime in Irish cities, I have always heaved a sigh of relief that these things have never happened to me. There was really nothing I could have done in this situation, except be even more alert about things going on around me. At the time of the attempted theft I was on my way to the pharmacy and trying to remember which things I needed to buy, without opening up my bag in the middle of the street to check out my shopping list.

    Qwerty234, thanks for the tip about the personal alarm. I'll look into that. Since the Irish economy is in a bad way, I suspect that burglaries, robberies etc are likely to increase.
  6. Thanks for the understanding comments, girls! :tup:
  7. So sorry that happened to you, so glad they got nothing! qwerty's alarm sounds oh so good!
  8. Omg! That's horrible, but you are very very lucky for keeping your grip. Thank God!

    If it were me in the situation, that boy would be on the ground FAST and very sorry for what he'd done!!!