Has Your City Ever Saved Itself?

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  1. Today I was shopping in town. By the time I was about to head home I was carrying a number of purchases, along with my Teal City. All of a sudden I felt a sharp tug on my hand. When I turned round, a boy who looked no older than twelve was busily running away back down the street, having failed to snatch my bag. He seemed to be accompanied by other boys. I clutched my City tighter and yelled after him, so that other people in the vicinity would be alerted to thieves. About half-an-hour later I headed down to a nearby coffee bar, had an Espresso and told the manager about the attempted robbery, in case the thieves would try to harass women at the cafe.

    By the time I was finally home I realized that the whipstitched handles on my City deserve some praise. I think the combination of ropey handles and my iron grip saved the day. I feel that if I had been carrying a bag with different handles I might not have been so lucky, as the bag might have slipped easily away. The thief's plan was simply to rush past me, grabbing the bag as he went. But those Bal handles immediately scratched against my palm and made me instinctively tighten my grip. If I hadn't I would have lost money, keys, bank and credit cards and all the usual girly stuff. Most of all, I would have been upset to lose the rosary beads given to me by my father-in-law who died recently. I would also have been locked out of my house and had no mobie phone! Honestly, this was like Oliver Twist!

    Having heard about this, my husband thinks I'm unwise to carry such an expensive bag in town. He thinks I should use my Prada Messenger bag, as it would be safer.

    So ladies, how much do you worry about having your Bbag swiped?
  2. Wow! I am glad you were able to hold on to your bag!!! I live in NYC, and I always have a tight grip on my bag, and my eyes looking all around me at all times, you can never be too safe! I do think those thick Bal handles saved the day!! They are strong and can withstand someone trying to tug at them. Wow, you were lucky!!!!
  3. I feel very lucky, Julierose. Especially when I think about being locked out of my house, with my husband away on a business trip! I'm also considering carrying my MBMJ Softy Satchel on shopping trips. It goes easily over my shoulder and the straps are too thick to cut through. But knowing me, I'll continue carrying my City till a gang of ten thugs knock me to the ground and grab it off me!
  4. Wow, what a scary story! I agree with you and JulieRose; the handles definitely saved the day. Do you think they know Bal bags and their worth? If so, that's doubly scary!!

    If you're looking for a messenger type of bag, maybe you could extend your strap so that you could carry it cross-body? I'm currently looking into options. If you're interested, stop on by: http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/extending-the-city-strap-yay-or-nay-415869.html

  5. ahhh good job! not onlly would you lose all your girly stuff , etc, you would have lost the teal city !! :wtf:
  6. Oh glad to hear that you're okay! What a horrible story. I can just imagine when I hold my city by the crook of arm, how easy it can be rubbed.:sick: You did a good job hold on to your city!!
  7. Scary story! Gotta be very careful, no matter where you are. My grandma got her LV stolen in Vegas. Some guy biked past her and just grabbed it out of her hands. I'm glad you're okay and your city is okay and everything inside.
  8. CrazyHandbags, I'll definitely look at that strap extension thread. Right now I'm just taking in my narrow escape. I'm convinced the young boy was put forward by the gang (who were older males).There's nothing much the Irish police can do with 12 y/o boys.
  9. One of the worst things is knowing that the kid would simply have thrown away my teal City and everything inside, including my late father-in-law's rosary beads. These kids come from rough estates (projects?) I'd say they know zero about designer bags and care even less.
  10. Glad that you're ok. It does sound like Oliver Twist.
  11. Happy that you are ok! What an awful experience.
  12. Thank god that YOU are ok. They could have been really desperate...you know what I mean? I'm always afraid that someone would have a pen or something sticking out and it would puncture/slice open my Bal....Oh just the thought makes me cringe!
  13. I'm happy you and your city are safe:flowers:. I'm afraid about these things,am a little ingenuous,but I've learned the lesson when a man tried to steal my mobile phone.:sad:

  14. I know what you mean! A friend of mine in Scotland told me that thieves on escalators cut through the straps of women's bags and make their getaway among the crowd on the moving staircase. She swears this is not an urban legend, and for ages I was scared to carry a shoulder bag. Especially a Prada nylon!
  15. Oh my goodness I'm so sorry that happened to you! Yay for Miss City for saving herself!:yahoo: