Has anyone worried about a buyer switching bags when making a return??

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  1. I have a buyer that claims I was misleading on my listing. She says that my bag I sent her was faded, yet it wasn't. I took numerous large photos that gave every inch of the bag and showed what it was. She bid the last few seconds, won the lisitng, sent me a message after she won it, saying that she hoped she would like the hardware as much as what she usually buys. It is a Balenciaga Motorcyle Work bag and from the year 2006.

    I sent her an email with the date stamp of the pictures that were on the listing to prove that is wasn't faded and that it was impossible to be so in less than a couple weeks. I also let her know that the color that it is, Truffle was not a dark brown.

    Anyway, I think that she just didn't like the Regular hardware instead and wanted to make me the escape goat for me to return it. I though am very offended and worried that she is accusing me of misrepresenting it. I had it listed as a pre-owned bag. Here is the listing if anyone is interested to look at it and give me their opinion.


    If she had just let me know before she bought it or after she bid and won that she wasn't sure if she would like the hardware, I would have tagged it so I would have known I would be getting the same bag back. I have sold over 300 handbags and accessories, all very high end, and no one has ever thought that what they received was less than my pictures or described. They have been more than happy.

    She also won it at half the retail price......

    Please can someone let me know if they have ever allowed a return and received something other than the bag they sold?

    I just am a little worried, since the bag I sold her was not faded and she is claiming it is. Here is what she said:
    am very disappointed with how faded the bag came
    out compared to what you described, as well as your pictures
    were so rich brown like it was taken when it was new. I
    opened the outside zipper pocket & there it is, the original
    color brown
    that is the rich beautiful brown as your picture but not the
    same condition as described on actual bag. I would like to
    return it, because of the above reason.

    I sent her the date stamp on the pictures and a picture of other Truffle bags. Here is the pic I sent her.


    I don't know what to do. I had other bidders and now will have to relist it, and worse case, she could send me a bag that is faded and not the one I sent to her. Maybe I am parinoid buy more that I am ticked that she is saying I misrepresented what I was selling. I have never and never would do that. She will give me a negative no matter what I do I guess, just to make her excuse a valid one. If she didn't like the hardware or the style or something, she didn't have to bid on it. I did have on my listing also that all sales are final. I should have tagged it and will for now on no matter what. Just in case they want to return. :cursing:

    One last thing, she says I was misleading in my description. I didn't describe it one way or another. I let the pictures speak for them selves. Also her last message to me she said that I was misleading because I should have described it as such. :shrugs:

  2. That bag is as described and she got a super bargain. Sounds like buyer's remorse!! The terrible thing is, since it is completely a buyer's world on ebay now, she will probably win if she files a SNAD. Don't know what to tell you. I understand your fears about getting back a fake, but it may just be only that - fear. Have you called ebay and told them what is going on? Save all the back and forth emails and only communicate in my messages so you will have official record. What kind of feedback does the buyer have? Hope someone else has good advice.
  3. ^Yes, when you agree to accept a return, there is always potential that you'll receive a fake bag in place of your authentic bag. I believe that's why so many members tag the bags that they send and require the tag to be intact for the return to be processed.

    That being said, I honestly don't think that she's trying to scam you by returning a fake bag. IMHO, she's just unhappy with the color and trying to blame her dissatisfaction on you rather than owning up to it. Did you listing specify no returns, or perhaps no returns unless item is not as described (I know you posted the link, but I admit, I didn't jump over to *bay to check it out). Perhaps she believes that the only way to get her money back is to accuse you of selling something SNAD?

    I would suggest that you accept the return, refund her money once you are sure you have *your* authentic bag back, and mutually withdraw from the transaction to get your fees back.

    I am sorry this is happening to you. I know it's upsetting to have someone suggest you've not accurately photographed or described your item. Hang in there and good luck!
  4. Be very careful when buyers return things! Its called the old bait & switch! Many eBay sellers do it as well, they show you a photo or even a stock photo but send you a fake. I ended up with a few fakes that way but luckily i always got a refund. I know have everything authenticated before i buy from eBay. Does she know that real leather will not always fade or keep the same colour everytime? Good luck with everything & let us know what happens!

    Buyer sound slike she has buyers remorse
  5. I called Ebay and talked to a great guy. He said that I had so many pics and they were easy to see the condition etc. He said she should have anything to complain about. She can give me a negative and I can give a reply to that. I don't know what PayPal will do if she goes to them. I have a lot of evidence that goes against her. I haven't used the messages in Ebay to reply to her because my emails were so long and I showed her more pictures, but maybe I should send some of them to her by messages in Ebay. She did get a great deal. I would take the bag back right away if I knew for sure I would get my bag back. I actually really liked the bag and was a little sorryful when it sold. I was having a little sellers remorse.

    I did ask her to send me pictures of it so she can show me where it was faded.......since it isn't, I thought I would see what she comes up with. She still hasn't. That way I could have it to show to PayPal if she sent back something else than my bag. They could see the bag I sent and then see the bag she sent me if she changes it out at all.

    I did list it as Sales are Final, just for this problem of switching. She bid, last second, she wasn't sure she wanted it in the first place after she won it, and now she wants to put blame on me, because she has buyers remorse. She shouldn't have bought it if she wasn't sure she would like the regular hardware or she could have asked me if I would return it if she didn't like it after getting it. I would have tagged it.
    For now on I am tagging everything!
  6. Amour,
    Thank you so much for the tamper tag site. Those are so much better than what I have used in the past. Thanks
    I am on it!!
  7. I use tags, too.. not just bcuz of crazy buyers but even bcuz of crazy SHIPPERS... in case a pkg becomes lost or damaged.. I want to see MY TAG.

    AND... I only sell on bonanzle.com. DONE with ebay.
  8. Hate to sound dense guys, but how does the tamper proof tag thing work? I mean how can you prove to ebay/PP that they took off the tag (if they did that) and then sent you back a fake. Are these tamper proof tags "recognized" by ebay. Sorry but need someone to explain how they work. Every time I send off aa $1K+ bbag, I am nervous as a cat.
  9. The plastic tag I have LOCKS. It cannot be removed without cutting it off. Bluefly & other online retailers use same type tags. Mine.. each tag has a different #. I send a letter w/ the bag stating the bag make/model and the tag #, and that buyer should verify that her bag arrived with this tag (helps prevent against theft during shipping) AND that once tag is removed, item WILL NOT be accepted in return. My bag MUST be returned w/ that tag intact.
  10. Thanks, EM. But does ebay/PP honor that? I hope you have never had to test it, but catch my drift here? It's like a threat but who says they can't remove the tag and still file a SNAD or do a bait and switch?
  11. Beat me.. probably NOT, since they don't honor anything.
    BUT, ANYTHING HELPS.... ok.. MIGHT HELP? Could at least help show NOT SAME BAG. And might be beneficial in a chargeback situation. I think it's more a CYA as best you can!
    Then again....I don't/won't sell on Ebay.
  12. I checked out Bonanzel and it looks great. Thank you everyone so much! Great info.
  13. What kind of tags do you use? Where can I buy them? Many thanks. :smile:
  14. OR if its a City or Work bag....each metal tag on the Balenciaga tag inside.....they all have different #s then a letter.....
    thats what I go by...but then again, no one that has bought from me has ever returned a bag......I just am a super seller:wlae::okay: