Has anyone used the 'Ped Egg'??

  1. good question, I would really like to know too
  2. I had never heard about this until now. Seems interesting, I'd like to know more about it too.
  3. ^^ Me too.
  4. I wish they sold this in stores and not just on the net. I saw a demonstration on HSN or QVC and it looked pretty good.
  5. I think using pumice everynight in the shower and slather lots of cream all over our feet are enough.
  6. The problem for me is that it isn't always enough. I don't always have time to do this everyday in the shower, and it really doesn't give the results I'd like...

    I think I may get this and try it...what the heck..it's less than $10!
  7. They always say that . "Not sold in stores " But you watch in a few weeks it will be showing up in the as seen on TV section at Target. :lol:

    If anyone gets it and tries it you gotta let us know if it works. I want one too. :yes:
  8. I was curious about this too.....if anyone tries it please post results!!
  9. I saw the infomercial for it...my sister and I are curious about this too lol
  10. ive wondered too!! tell us ur results ella!!
  11. I bought this at Kohl's last week. It works really great. You are supposed to use it on dry moisture free feet. It is pretty quick. Doesn't hurt. Was definitely worth the seven dollars I paid. My soles are now super soft. This thing is perfect to use between pedicures.:tup:
  12. ^^ thanks!! good to know i can pick one up at kohls!! i hope to get one tomorrow