Has Anyone tried CLARISONIC MD Professional Skin Care System??

  1. Just hoping some of you all have tried the Clairsonic Skin Care System. I just purchased this, but have yet to take it out and try it. Please give me your thoughts or feedback.:shrugs:
  2. It's really wonderful facial that you can just use during shower!!! I skipped my scrubbing cleasners since the day I got it. It feels really good with those tiny brushes cleaning out the pores. I used to have a lot of blackheads, and the Clarisonic definately helps clearing them out ALOT!

    Hope you enjoy it too!;)
  3. Pinkiano, :flowers:
    Thank you for that info. I forgot this is waterproof and can be used in the shower! That is one of the reasons why I never got into the habit of using my DermaNew facial scrubber. I always had a heck of a time cleaning the junk off my face without making a huge mess all over the counter. :blah:
    I am always very hesitant about spending lots of $$'s on something "gimmicky" but I also have a habit of always looking for the "Miracle Fix!" I admit it, I am a sucker for all these beauty tools. :blush:Keep your fingers crossed and thank you again for the feedback!
  4. I have the Clarisonic and I LOVE it. It does great things for your skin. Since I have sensitive skin I have to use the softer brush but it does a great job. My skin is much smoother and absorbs moisturizer much better. My skin is also brighter and doesn't have any dryness. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

    Since my skin is sensitive, I only use it at night. If your skin isn't sensitive you can probably use it morning and night.
  5. robynbenz~
    I just read your post..and looked up clarisonic online. Maybe, I might try it..better check it out at sephora~ :yes:
  6. Thank you for your feedback!:yahoo: I am so excited to have some "real" people rate it. I read the feedback on the product sites, but you never know who actually wrote the review. I will get it out tonight and start trying to revive my 42+ aged old face!:yucky:
  7. If you should decide to purchase the Clarisonic and you like Victoria's Secret, do as I did and purchase a one more item @ VS for around $55.00 and then you will be able to take the $75.00 off, so you will end up getting the Clarisonic for $175.00 PLUS another item or two for free!!!:yahoo:
    Just be sure to use the code HDAY in the promo area. I actually purchased a sweater for a Christmas gift (got the free lip pallet) and a Pink hoodie and got the free dog!!:wlae: Good luck and go for it!
  8. i've had the clarisonic for awhile and i totally love it :yahoo: it's great and when i use it my skin is soooo totally smooth....i can completely feel the difference between the days when i get lazy and don't use it and the weeks when i use it regularly :yes:
  9. I can so totally relate:yes: even when we know blowing off something, we will suffer the consequences, we still manage to be lazy:shame: . I plugged it in last night to get the full 24 hr charge, so tonights shower will be the test!
    Thanks again!
  10. I bought the clarisonic after JC's review and I agree, it is absolutely amazing! I love it and am totally hooked! I use my own gel cleansers though and not theirs.
  11. awwww balenciagalove i'm so happy to hear that you like yours!! :yahoo: sometimes i'd think of you when i used mine and wonder how you felt about yours (i always feel kinda weird giving good reviews on kinda expensive products because i worry people will buy them and not like them :crybaby:)......

    and robyn let us know how your first day went ;).....with my ultra-sensitive skin i do find that i need to shorten the time on my cheeks in the winter :yes:
  12. Hello All,
    I used mine last night and this morning :shrugs: but I think I am expecting to feel more results than possible. I purchased the sonicare tooth brush a few years back and could feel cleaner teeth after the first use.:yes: I will keep using it and let you know if I see any results. I will keep hoping. Thanks for all the info.:flowers:
  13. I know it's been 5 months since this thread was posted but I would love to hear an update from all of you who have been using the Clarisonic these past months!
  14. Have it.....LOVE it! I got this for Christmas 2005 and have been using it faithfully every since! I do, however, use different products with it now but still love the brush. I use it in combination with my Derma New sytem once a week and my man says I look 25! hehe......could be the Botox, though.:roflmfao:
  15. still love me clarisonic :P

    i also use it with different products-i love th ebrush but i'm not too big a fan of the cleanser it comes with :shrugs:......and i also really really love the new brush head the came out with which is for sensitive skin, since it's just so much gentler :yes: