Has anyone seen this one??

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  1. Just got this one yesterday from Chanel boutique- nowhere to be found online- Chanel is secret like that. What do you think?

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  2. What material is it?
  3. Tweed
  4. it's a tweed flap but not sure which yr is this....definitely older season!
  5. Never seen the bag but I have seen the tweed jacket which was stunning of course. The bag is quite interesting, how would you work it with your wardrobe?
  6. DIANE+KRUGER+chanel+spring+2008.jpg

    This line- which is recent?
  7. I think its recent too, I saw it somewhere on TPF, just can't recall which thread. Either that or one of the emails the SAs sent. It's cute though!!
  8. Good question! I own way too many blue (from navy to medium to light) Jcrew button ups.... Any suggestions?
  9. i think it's cute, but never saw it IRL too
  10. I've seen it before.
    I like it a lot actually.

    On a completely different note, I adore that star tunic/dress so much!
  11. Yes, its from Spring Summer 2008 collection. Its also available in smaller version (east west). In Sydney only have smaller version. :heart:
  12. I was told that Chanel does not refurbish fabric bags, thats why I am not so keen on them anymore.

    Its a cute bag though but as with clothes, I would not go for horizontal stripes.
  13. Yeah. Correct and with leather bag, they dont provide all seasonal colours also. What I found out more for perforated collection is, if its recolour, the silver colour inside the perforated hole will be recolour together. Hyak!

    The bag is cute, but with the white stripes. Please do careful with what u gonna wear. Transfer colour even in fabric always happens. :crybaby:
  14. Ok, me, granted I have'nt seen the bag in person but I saw the jackets recently (TDF), and I bet the material is close to the same. That tweed had a bit of a teeny yellow tint in it. So I probably like to see this bag against a bright -sunny yellow top or dress, preferably a plain yellow shift dress. I bet that would work! Other than that, go with the stripes on bag, so the red, blue, white and the usual neutrals black and denims. Be careful with denim... color transfer issues.
  15. Congrats!!! this is NEW from the 08C Season, love it!!:tup:, someone else here has it in the accordian version!:smile: