Has anyone seen this new Garden Party?

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  1. Hmm
    New little cuties
    Must find out more haha
  2. I never saw in person, but one came online in Nov., I think. Gone in a flash. When I asked about it in stores, all the SA's in multiple US stores acted like I was crazy. They never heard of a Garden Party with pockets and a shoulder strap. Maybe I was thinking about the TPM that sometimes has a shoulder strap? They were all polite, but I could tell they thought I must be thinking of another brand or it was a fake on EBay. Then another one showed up online a couple of months ago. Again, gone in a flash. Again, polite disbelief (or not knowing product) by SA's.
    And now they are online again. I'd like to send a screen shot to those SA's. And now there are two different fabrications. I think they are both fabulous and practical. Which one would you choose? I think the solid color will go with more of my wardrobe and hide dirt better. I see it as a perfect travel bag! I bet they will show up in stores, too. :graucho:
  3. That's pretty funny about those SA's! I really like the solid dark blue one with the black leather trim (at least, it looks like black). Would want to see it in person to be sure. I've been wishing H would bring back a GP with a shoulder strap for years, and now they have, and I'm wondering if those outside pockets are really practical or if they'll just be a target for pickpockets. Really have to see it in person. Verrrry intrigued, though!
  4. i havent seen it irl personally
    i think this design is so practical with the outside pockets and the shoulder straps

    it does shift the structure and shape of the original GP a little in my opinion - i am not sure what i think about that
  5. i like the shoulder straps but don't like the look of the pockets. it looks too busy! and it looks like there are 6 pockets...but they don't look very wide so doesn't look like you can really put much in the pockets. i would've prefered the pockets are inside as i am paranoid about pick pockets and also prefer people don't see what i have easily...
  6. I think it's nice too. They haven't shown up on h.com Europe, this side of the pond yet otherwise I may have succumbed and I don't even mind not having a strap on my GP.

    If you know the size of GP you'll know it wont be easy to get a (pick-pocket) hand in the pockets and even though they are fairly deep they'll be very flat. The little pockets are more for a packet of tissues, ticket, lip balm etc. I don't think canvas GPs don't normally have an inside pocket so presumably they'll make up for that. The double canvas will also hold a more structured shape than the reg.
  7. Great bag and functional with the pockets, the price is a bit much for me to pay for mostly canvas.
  8. How exciting! Do you think they'll do this style in leather as well? There's a canvas one on the U.K. site too now -
  9. I'm in love with this! Never thought about buying a GP before but looks like a great day to day no-one I work with will know it's Hermes bag! & they have bamboo which I adore. Marvelous-another one on the never ending wish list?!!

  10. It's on the French site right now. €2800
  11. Thank you Mariapia :hugs:

    I also saw the price :shocked: the same as an all-leather with a picture interior

    I never look at US prices coz they don't make sense to me :P
  12. That was my thinking...I'll pay a lot for a leather bag though!
  13. My thoughts exactly. :smile:
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