Has anyone seen the Tiffany Yellow Diamond collection?

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  1. I've seen the ads, and even on the Tiffany site, all they have are the ads. I'm really loving the Bezet rings. Has anyone seen them, are they even out yet?
  2. Only seen the advertisements and they are so beautiful!!!!!!
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  4. OP, yes they are out! I have tried on some of them. The SA recommended that I stack them as in the pic. The pic is not my hand. I've found it while surfing.:biggrin: The Bezet rings were nice, but I prefered the 4-prong oval setting. (The 2.25 carat oval yellow diamond cost over $80,000!:nuts:)


    And another artle: http://www.palmspringslife.com/Palm-Springs-Life/Shop-El-paseo/Annual-2010/Tiffany-Ablaze-with-Rare-Yellow-Diamonds/

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  5. 80,000 is a lot of money, I will probably build my own then lol, my jeweler has a 0.92ct canary in fancy yellow cushion cut that he gives away for around 3,500 euros. Pff they are gorgeous!
  6. The whole collection is gorgeous. I wish I had that kind of money! :smile:.
  7. Yes! The collection is absolutely gorgeous. Love at first site. I'm so excited that they are now caring yellow diamonds.
  8. Yes! I saw them at the launch and they are amazing!!!!! Even my SO liked them, which REALLY says something! hahaha
  9. I called my local Tiffany's and they only had the yellow diamonds set in platinum - I thought they were all set in yellow gold. Anyways, they were out of the rings, all they had was a necklace, so I didn't bother going in to check them out. They did offer to order anything I wanted though, but I was trying to get an idea of the price range. Also, she made it sound like the stones were really small <1ct, and that was smaller than I was interested in. Hopefully, they'll get more in for the holidays.
  10. OMG, I have always loved yellow diamonds. I'm sure that the Tiffany pieces are stunning.
  11. I've seen them IRL & have to say the yellow is much more "delicate" than what the pictures portray online & in advertisements.

    They are stunning!!! I don't care for yellow, but these got my attention.
  12. I can't wait to check out this collection the next time i'm at the store. They're so pretty.
  13. i agree contessa, none of the yellows i saw in store were very yellow. this surprised me as i thought they were going to stock the upper ranges of yellow diamonds. some of these seemed to barely rate as fancy colored
  14. Does anyone know if they are going to make the Diamonds by the Yard collection with yellow diamonds, ideally a stone around .20? Or a Bezet platinum yellow diamond band? Those would be amazing. The rest are really beautiful but way out of my range!
  15. Hi dears

    glad to see this thread!! i've bought a set last month ( 1 ring + 1 necklance). they are amazing. the ones i've got are cusion shape surounded by 2 rounds white diamond!!!

    i am in the UK, anyone has got it in US? I want to do a bit price comparison to see where is cheaper!