Has anyone seen a code for the rebecca minkoff mornafter bag? rop

  1. I am dying for the royal blue w/basketweave morning after (or mini), but I really don't want to pay full price. Has anyone seen a code for this bag???
  2. I bought minea almost a year ago... back when the retail was still 475 with a lucky coupon... I haven't seen any recent coupons out there, but if I do, I'll be sure to let you know.
  3. A month ago it was at Anthropologie for $99... needless to say they sold out quickly. I haven't seen any others with codes.

    And just a warning if you haven't seen it in real life, the blue is pretty bright.
  4. There's one on ebay but that's the only blue RM I've seen for a while. I've been watching out for sales on chocolate brown myself. If you'd be interested in any other color Shopbop.com has a coupon until tonight that would take $100 off the price. The code, I believe is GETGIFT. Good luck!
  5. Thanks everyone!:smile: I will keep looking and post pics if I am successful!;)
  6. You should check out the designer directory at Grechen's closet.

    Grechens Closet - Rebecca Minkoff

    I'm pretty sure I saw some on sale so if I spot one, I'll definitely post my findings. :yes:
  7. Shopbop! You have to do it now though...code ends at midnight.
  8. Oh no...they sold out of the blue :sad: Sorry to get your hopes up.
  9. The blue one is on ynotshop.com and they have a code for 10% off and free shipping. That code is WINTER. Also, there's a thread on the deals and steals forum about a code for 15% off the Rebecca Minkoff site. Hope you find it!
  10. those are such cute bags. good luck.
    BTW what does "rop" mean?
  11. AW... I'm so sorry! The 15% off is for Hayden Harnett, another of my fav brands! But there is a code at ynotshop.com and I just saw the mini in blue on bagtrends.com but it's on backorder for 6-8 weeks.

    (got me wondering what "rop" is too! LOL)
  12. ^^^
    rolling on pillows?
    rock on people?
    real or pleather?
  13. ^^ LOL!!

    Real or pretend??
  14. ROP = read on please
  15. ^^ OHHHH!!! Thank you very much!