Hair straightener of your choice?


Which straightener would you recommend?

  1. Sedu

  2. Solia

  3. CHI

  4. Other. (please explain)

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  1. I was wondering what you gals use for a hair straightener? ^^

    Also if you guys use any kind of product before/after to tame it throughout the day.. I have terrible frizz!
  2. I know y'all are probably tired of me saying this but,

    I :heart: my GHD!!!!

    As for the flat iron products, I alternate between Biosilk Silk Therapy and Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum. Both are fab! :nuts:
  3. Sedu :heart:
  4. i use the CHI, but i am more a fan of the "blow out" with a large round brush than the straightener, so i rarely use it
  5. I love Paul Mitchell's Smoothing Iron when I wear my hair straight
  6. Love my CHI! Nothing gets my hair sleeker and shinier!
  7. I have a cute pink chi. bought it last year to support cancer awareness.
  8. I have a pink GHD.
  9. Sedu
  10. What is a "blow out"?

  11. What is a "blow out"?

    I use my CHI almost every day and I :heart: it
  12. I have an original Ghd. I love mine because I've had my straightners since 2003 and they are still working brilliantly and in great condition!
  13. ^^^
    i have an original ghd too, i got it xmas 2002 and it still works great! i've never come across a better straightener.
  14. A 'blow out' is just a fancy term for blowdrying :smile:
  15. Ghd!