Hair help... To cut or not to cut?

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  1. Ill give alittle background on my hair woes? I have naturally dark brown hair and have always highlighted it with light blonde and about 2-3 years ago i died it back dark brown and its so nice, healthy, and shiney now... but plain... Its pretty long, down alittle past my bra snap in the back and there are SOME layers in the cut but nothing major. Well im bored to tears with it. I have always wanted long hair but when I was highlightening it it was never healthy enough to grow out but now that it is im bored. My hair is fairly thin, Not thick at all but not stragely either. Just boring though. I wish I had a camera and I would take pics of it. Anyway... should I cut it? short? longer layers? short layers? hmpf i just dont know. lol
    sorry to go on and on... :shame:
  2. Hi! I don't really know what to tell's hard w/out pics! But if your hair is on the thin side it may look great shorter---just above shoulders maybe. I tend to think hair on the thinner side looks stringy when really long. So, maybe a cute bob w/ layers?
    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  3. If you are bored w/ it, do something for sure. I am in the same boat. I don't know what to do and the last hair cut left my layers so uneven and awful. Do you have any photos of what you like on others? Maybe that would help others give you some ideas if we see what catches your eye?
  4. Have you considered going to a good hair salon for a consultation? An expert stylist can look at and feel your hair, assess your personal style and lifestyle, and give you a solid recommendation on what to do.

    BTW, in mid-2004, I had hair past my waist that was thick, flat and dull brown. I went to one of the best hair salons in my city and told them to do whatever they wanted. The rest is history - look at my avatar :smile:
  5. Totally agree....a chin length (or a little longer) bob is great for fine, thin hair. Really makes it look thicker. I never tire of Posh's bob...very edgy. :yes: Be sure and post before/after pics if you do go shorter!
  6. Cut your hair 2" to get rid of split ends. Then buy yourself a home hairstyling set that you can curl, crimp, or straighten your hair with ease. The set I have is by Philips and has 6 styles in 1, and can change my hairstyle as often as I desire.
  7. I agree with chipmunk.....

    I have same kind of hair and I am always looking for a change too. But I just read that long, straight full shiny hair is in for 2008!!!! Keep it, most people probably envy you.
  8. Thanks everyone for your recomendations... My hair is in great shape, I have it trimmed every few months (no split ends) its not really that "fine" either, its just not thick and full and im totally bored with it. Whenever i mention to friends or family that im thinking about cutting it they say dont but i still think to do it.. its just boring.
  9. when you want side swept bangs do you need to have them cut that way or can I just style them that way? i keep trying but I cant get them to stay put.
  10. I've always had long hair, when I get bored I change the way I style around my face. Over the years I go between bangs, side swept bangs, middle part face framing layers, side part, so on and so forth....... Without seeing your face I can't really say what would work best for you but maybe some long layers and very faint highlighting may pick you up. You seem to be saying you don't have very thick hair but it's not fine so maybe adding layers and again faint highlights, nothing damaging but enough to give a bit of contrast, will add some movement and volume to your style....... I do my own hair and every few months or so I take some of my Sally Hansen face bleach and paint a little on my hair mostly around my face, on me it blends in with any natural highlights I have and adds a little contrast around the top of my head and bangs. Not that I'm recommending you do what I do because different things work for different people, but maybe consult a stylist.....

  11. I agree. but 2"? that is too long for merely ends. My hair stylist said that you have to be careful asking for inches as they are alot. My recommendation [if you dont want a lot chopped off] is 1/8 of an inch. that is basically the ends but not too much!!
  12. ;)Definitely need to cut split ends off about every six weeks. I have long, straight hair and that keeps it looking great.
  13. How do you ladies like this hair cut/style?
  14. I would like Eva's hairstyle if you had highlights. I think it's kind of boring without them. :s
  15. I like the idea of a bob, with the kind of hair you describe. Or maybe a few layers and a fringe!