Hair accessories?

  1. Hey, I've been seeing lots of girls with really cute metal hairclips with rhinestones with them.. any ideas on where to find them besides those stands at the mall?? TIA! :smile:
  2. Try your local drug store...the London Drugs near my house sells lots of great hair stuff. Maybe check out this brand called Scunci.
  3. I got mine at the CVS
  4. They've got more hair accessories than you can imagine.
  5. Do you have a Claires accessories? ive seen a ton in there
  6. What a great website! Thanks for sharing!:yes:
  7. Claires or eBay.
  8. LOL passerby, I KNEW you would show up on this thread with some fabulous pics and an etsy link!Thanks! :smile:
  9. passerby...your second post about hair clips is great! those glass hair pins are so pretty.
  10. passerby-shame! those are gorgeous earrings, such a nice color!
  11. Yes, lv-lover, it's such a pity. One good thing, though - it's good for my pocket as it means I'll restrict myself to admiring earrings online rather than buying them! Maybe I should have bought this hairpin from the same seller instead? Except I've very short hair ...


    $8 plus shipping