Had a little fun on ebay.....Wanna see??!

  1. O.k. so most of ya know Im already a fanatic for my large choco carly......and I just love magenta! So I was just messing around and found the absolute perfect wallet, bleecker choco siggy w/magenta interior......$180:tup: and my patent magenta mini skinny $25!!:nuts: Set complete!!:okay:
    Ebay Pics 614.jpg
  2. Yep. I agree. I've already decided I am getting that wallet in choc sig/magenta or in wine leather (if DH buys me the Bleeker flap for Christmas). I love that wallet and the addition of the magenta mini skinny is TDF! :yes:
  3. ooh! The wallet looks so pretty w/the magenta inside and I was watching the mini skinny! Great buy!!
  4. Oh No! I didnt bid against you did I?:sad:
  5. no, I only watched it! I didn't bid though.
  6. Simply beautiful and perfectly matched!!
  7. Great job Kimmie, you are awesome!!!!!:tup::yahoo:
  8. Woooo! Pretty together! :smile:
  9. Ranskimmie, That is an awesome set you have there. Everything looks so beautiful together. Love all your charms as well. Hot Pink interior with chocolate signature is a lovely combo. Congrats! You have excellent taste in handbags and accessories!
  10. :drool: Girl you did good!!!! :drool: :tup:
  11. So cute! I love the look of the chocolate with the pink!
  12. Nice combo! I love the magenta!
  13. Perfect match!!!!!!!! GREAT job!!!! :tup:

  14. That looks great together. Funny I did bid on that mini skinny. :nuts:
  15. beautiful!