Guide For Coach Product Grades and Markings

  1. Have you posted photos for authentication yet?
  2. Hi Katev. Happy with the info!
    I have bought a wristlet through CFO online. I just wondering about the wristlet's zipper. There are a few wristlet with YKK brand zipper but some not.
    Anyone know about this matter?
  3. Hyacinth has posted lots of info on zipppers. Many genuine Coach items have YKK zippers but a lot of them don't and some good fakes have YKK zippers. I have some vintage bags with Talon zippers and other Coach bags with different brands. The YKK may be a clue but it is not definitive and you cannot count on it to help you identify a bag or decide that it is genuine.
  4. Thanks KATEV!
  5. My pleasure!
  6. Thanks for the information!!! Helped me A LOT, but Im still wondering, what about sunglasses? How do we identify them?
    Thanks for your time and help!
  7. I wanted to clarify something- MOST outlets will not include dustbags in FP delete bags. They have been told to remove them and they discard them. It is becoming more and more rare to find them. If you do it is because someone missed it or that particular outlet is doing things different than the majority. I have been going to various outlets in various states for years and have found this to be true.
  8. The outlets do still have coupon sales. The current coupon that has been there for quite awhile is for 30% off all items, whether it is on clearance or not. They hand these coupons out at the door.

    There was a short period of time where they stopped the coupons, but they have been giving them out again for awhile now :smile:
  9. I have to disagree. I have had many, many, many bags from the outlet and I would say 95% have come with the dustbags, and I have had them shipped from all over the country including FL, PA, NY, GA, CA, NC & WI. It would appear some store do not include the dust bags, but I have never had a problem with dust bags in FP deletes. On the odd occasion it has been missing I have been able to get a replacement from my outlet (I'm biased but I do think they are one of the best in the country!)
  10. I agree
  11. I know and I'm glad! At the that I posted this they had discounted outlet coupons for several months, but their profit-margin suffered and so they started offering coupons again! :biggrin:
  12. That's been my experience too, but I think it depends on the outlet. Almost all of the FP delete outlet bags that I have purchased came with dustbags. When the dustbag is missing I've had mixed experiences with the SAs, so will try and find them for you and others just say "we don't have any extras".
  13. I opened up my ashley carryall today in purple patent. I do have a question for those in the know. I bought it in the online outlet store in their recent sale. The creed patch does not have an F in the beginning of the second letters. the creed is E1269-21043E Was this an MFF or FP. I don't care either way as I love it, just trying to get the lingo down :smile: Does the e on the end mean anything? Thanks in advance!
  14. The e on the end of your serial number is a new one for me too! I have heard of using extra letters like p to indicate "pilot bag" for a text bag. I think that you should post this question in the main forum to try and get more opinions. Congrats on your new bag!
  15. I recently bought a Poppy glam at the outlet that has the E too. I asked the store manager what it meant and she didn't know. From what I've seen of the bags that have it, I suspect that they are FP styles that are either made for factory or that they decided to send directly to the factory stores before they left the factory. I wish I knew what word the E stood for.