Guess what I FINALLY got.... My first reveal!

  1. Me too!! Thank you BHmommy. I think I'll start using it non-stop! ;)
  2. LOL i was excited to see your reveal! :blush:

    she's GORGEOUS j_kay, that red is so so so beautiful :loveeyes:
  3. Verypretty! Mine is the medium! Small is divine but I
    Have issues with trying to bring everything with me hence small
    Bags stress me out!!!
    But I'm trying to find myself a nano right now!! :smile:
  4. Thank you t_lo! I'm so glad to share my excitement ;):hbeat:

    amacasa, I was actually standing at the store trying both medium and small so many times... it was sooooo hard to decide.
    But since I wanted the small size for so long time, I just decided to go for it! Maybe I'll find medium box in different colour later on.. :graucho:
    Nano is super cute in real. Hope you get one with right colour for you! ;)
  5. The bag is perfect!
  6. congatulation!!! the mini red box is just too cute! this was what i thought i want to purchase after seeing it on elena perminova and leighton meester but once i tried on the boutique it's just too small for me as i always bring 2 phones, battery pack and few more items i go for the medium in other color.
    this leather looks so beautifully glossy and sturdy too! is it the spazzolato leather?
  7. love it
  8. Wow love :love::love:
  9. Gorgeous! Love the color. Congrats!
  10. Thank you fumi, LV-PRADAfanatic, MAkenna, seahorseinstripes, and BAL_Fanatic! :hbeat:
    And seahorseinstripes, I'm not sure about the leather type, all I know is that it's smooth calfskin. It seems very sturdy although I'm slightly worried about getting some scratches :p
  11. Wow - I love the colour and it works so perfectly for the Box. Great buy!
  12. :loveeyes: congrats
  13. gorgeous color!
  14. beautiful!
  15. OMG! It's my fav red!!!! :smile: