guess what happened to my twiggy

  1. long story
    i got a vermilion [i absolutely adore the colour:heart:] twiggy as a present more than a year ago, then i actually thought of changing it for something else, maybe a city, but i already have a huge collection of it back then, so i thought it'd be an awesome idea to have some different styles in my collection and plus the leather was SO gorgeous, probably one of the best i've seen, so it was really hard to give up anyway. so i kept the twiggy.

    but then it's been a year now, and honestly, i haven't been carry it that much. probably just that i've got more compliments on my cities more than the twiggy and had people telling me that i look better in a city. but i've already had the bag for a year, and its beautifully broken in, it's gonna be Crazy of me if i give it up now. so i gave my twiggy a make over and here she is [=.

    and today was the first day taking it out, and this lady on subway was staring at my bag for the longest time, then she finally asked me 'how did you make the twiggy look like that? it's amazing'

    im gonna take it out everyday now, im so happy:yahoo:
    2.jpg 1.jpg
  2. very nice! looks good on you! what did you do to it, pray tell :biggrin:
  3. Wow! It looks amazing! It looks totally different to any twiggy I've seen. Did you just put something heavy in the bottom? I can't believe it's so square shaped.
    so this is what i did, might sound a little complicated but TOTALLY WORTH IT.

    so unlike city, twiggy has a really stiff/hard bottom [i don't know how else i can describe it], there's like a cardboard thing on top of the leather to hold the shape. so i had to unstitch the black lining, then took that cardboard out, then stitch it back [doesn't have to be perfect, no one can see anyway,and plus, you can always put the board back when you want your twiggy back], so now when you fill the bag with stuff, it's more like city at the bottom, then as you all know, the top of the twiggy always folds down, so i stitched the lining between zippers it to the handle [since the handle's got holes for 'shoelaces' to go through so it's really easy to do, there're plenty of space beside the laces]

    so that was my makeover without hurting the bag :graucho:
  5. Wow, that sounds complicated haha! I got lost when you started talking about stitching the lining between zippers to the handle. Lovely bag; I love its shape!
  6. ^^ wowza, that's so cool!!! :nuts::tup::heart:

    p.s. more photos puh-leeeeeeeze :woohoo:
  7. okay - WHAT??? i understood everything except the sewing the zipper to the sides, etc. etc. - great story!!!! no wonder your twiggy looks great - you "un-twiggied" it!!! you and quilter are super crafty and now you have an amazing one of a kind bag - i love it!!!!! :tup:
  8. WOW. I've got to give you credit for bravery in terms of "reshaping" your bbag! THat was some major work you did! But it really looks fab! I've found the twiggy too sausage-shaped when I wear it (although it looks great on a lot of other tpfers who've posted modeling pics) But I love the way it looks now that you've worked with it- I didn't realize the twiggy had a cardboard bottom! Nice job! :tup:
  9. OMG, your twiggy looks great ... you really wear it well! I don't know if I'm brave enough to play with my twiggies but thanks for the great idea!
  10. :amazed:

    uh, no cutting and sewing for me.:nogood:

    Looks great on brave girl.....:tup:
  11. Oh ya......did you give the lady on the subway your tutorial? :smile:
  12. [​IMG]

    Whoa!!! Nice!!
  13. that's awesome ! re-inventing a favorite is such a great feeling :smile:
  14. What an amazing and creative job you did! Now, let me see if I have the guts to unstitch my twiggy's lining...
  15. Wow!!! that looks incredible.

    I would never had to courage to do that, but I can certainly admire your skill and bravery :smile: