Guess what fits in a Daria

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  1. Everything! And I am a big bag kind of girl! I'm very pleased because I can tote around all my stuff while looking more like a small purse kind of girl.
  2. I've always thought the Daria is a darling bag. Maybe we should start a thread called "What's inside your MJ bag?" The LV forum has a thread like this and it's a great reference thread to see different style of bags and what can fit in them. Plus it's fun being nosey and getting to see people's "stuff!!" LOL
  3. The Daria is what first attracted me to MJ bags....and I still don't have one...**sigh** where did you get it?
  4. I love my Daria bag too! It's roomy without being too big.
  5. The TJ Maxx in Durham, NC. :tup: That store has been a gold mine for MJ bags the past 2 weeks. I really debated buying the Daria because I thought my stuff wouldn't all fit. Sooo, at the risk of looking like a shoplifter, I tried it out in the store before purchasing. Yay for Daria!
  6. Well, since you asked--here you go! MJ zip clutch, notebook, business card holder, tape measure, ibuprofen, hand creme, pen, some random papers, and my cosmetic bag filled with the typical small items. My cell phone and keys fit inside too!

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  7. ooh post more pics of the bag. it looks like its a gorgeous color.
  8. You got it at TJ Maxx?! :nuts::nuts: Ack! I need to go visit my TJM's again this weekend. Can I ask what color it is and for what was the price? And thanks for taking a pic of the inside!! You're a good sport!:tup:
  9. Here is a picture of the outside of Daria. Her color is "amethyst" and she was around $450. That's probably not the world's best bargain, but I couldn't leave her in TJ's with all of those knock-off's could I?

    PS - Those wine glasses aren't mine. I'm just holding them for a friend. Ha!

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  10. Wow, I remember you getting some other MJ bags there for killer prices a couple weeks ago!!!! Good decision on getting it--it's beautiful!

  11. It's just beautiful bag-addict! I wouldn't have been able to leave it there either! LOL Congrats and thanks for the pictures. :yes:
  12. WOWOWOW! I love Amethyst! You definitely scored at TJMaxx. Even tho the price was a tad high, Amethyst is a extremely rare color so it is worth every penny. Congrats!!

    It's amazing how much stuff you fit in there, I always had my doubts about that bag, but now no longer! It looks so organized too, since it's not so deep.
  13. ^ I am surprised too! i would have never thought all that would fit in there!!

    bag-addict i might have to risk going to durham to check out their TJMaxx!! lol
  14. oh, such a pretty color too!!
  15. very pretty and fits a lot! (just out of curiosity, why do you carry a tape measure in your bag?)