Gucci Princetown Mules (with and without fur) -does anyone have?

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  1. I hope they work out.
  3. 87E7752C-740D-486C-865E-573827721A4D.jpeg First time wearing my Princetowns!
    I was really afraid to wear them, because of the strange fit when I tried them on (my heel sat perfectly, but I had a lot of room in the front). They are surprisingly comfortable and they stay on the feet... my left foot is a little wider than the right. I usually wear 38.5 (if available) to accommodate my bigger left foot. I sized up to 39 for these like everyone suggests. It was the right decision!
    Still sunny and beautiful weather here!
  4. Just bought my first pair after debating for a year, hope this style lasts at least another year. I bought white.

    Curious do you wear these without any type of sock.?
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  5. You will love them! I do not wear any type of sock with mine. I have them in Gold, and in Brown. I’m debating Black, either plain or with fur for my next pair.
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  6. Thank you! I’ve seen that cognac is out and I’d love a cognac color, but online it looks more mustard than cognac. This may be first of many. Just love Gucci these days (just bought ace and waist bag)
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  7. I just saw those this morning on Nordstrom’s “ new Gucci alert”! I am interested in them too. In fact I am planning a trip to Nordstrom later this week and hope they have them. I wear a lot of warm tones, and Cognac is my neutral, especially for Fall!
  8. I’m debating between the fur and Non fur. How practical is it to have the fur ones based off the price? Are they worn often or would the non fur be a better option??
  9. I wear my fur ones easily once the temperature drops. But it doesn't work for me to wear them in spring/summer.
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  10. Oh okay. Does the fur get really hard to take care of? Do you have both pairs?
  11. I only have one pair of Princetowns, and it is the pair with fur. I haven't noticed any care, but I just try not to wear them when I anticipate rain!
  12. I don’t do anything special for my fur pair.
  13. Can I ask for some sizing advice? I recently bought the plain black leather princetowns in a 38 but now I’m wondering if I should’ve gotten the 38.5. I tried both on in store and they both fit but the 38 was more snug and felt more secure on my feet. The SA also recommended the 38 because the leather will stretch out with wear and therefore my foot will slide more forward over time. My heel is just on the edge but not over with the 38 so I suppose it’s the correct size but just wanted to see what others think.

    I wear a 37.5 in my jordaans and ace sneakers for reference.

    Also, I’m contemplating the fur ones too. Do most people get the same size as the non-fur princetowns? They did not have any in my size for me to try in store but I could order it online.

    Thank you for any advice!
  14. I think you probably have the correct size. I wear a 37 in the Ace sneaker and the Jordan and the Marmont low heel, and I went up a half size to a 37.5 in My Princetowns.
  15. I wear 39.5 in princetowns and 38.5 in jordans and ace sneakers. I wear the same size in fur and non fur.