GST vs. Petit Shopping(the one with zippered top)??

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  1. I can't decide between the GST and the Petit Shopping Tote with the zippered top. It's my first Chanel bag and would be for everyday. I'm 24 still in school and would use it for around town, classes and at night. I'm also very petite(4 11") and I;m not sure if the GST looks too large on me and like a big tote for work. Any comments on the Petit Shopping tote with the zipper on top? I was wondering how the leather that sticks up on the sides past the zipper wears on this bag.The price is very close, $1895 for the GST and around $1750 for the Petite Shopping Tote and I don't know which one to get!
  2. If u are carrying the bag to school, i believe u have quite a "lot" of stuff to put it yr bag, rite??? Hence, I would suggest gst...
    No comment on petite bag (cos I don't have one)...
  3. I usually just carry my note book so I don't normally have to carry a lot with me
  4. I like the GST better than the PST because I love big bags but if your still undecided then perhaps another trip to store is in order ;) Check both of them out and see which one "feels" better
  5. I'd say GST!
  6. i am 20 yrs old and I prefer GST over the petit shopper just because it fits more things for me. i am also petite (5'2") and although i also love the petit shopper, GST is more useful as a day bag. I think the petit shopper is dressier and can be used for evenings tho. you should really try it on =) in the beginning, i was deciding over the two too..but i decided that GST is more bang for the buck. good luck with ur decision - u really cant go wrong!
  7. id say GST too! let us know what you decide and post pics!
  8. GST!! I want a black one with gold hardware!!!
  9. I'm the minority! At first I wanted the gst, and while I do LOVE big bags, it just didn't sit right on me (and i'm not petite at 5'6) so I opted for the zip top petite shopper. It definately doesn't hold as much (that's why i bought a cerf :graucho:) but Kuriso is right, I dress it up or down and it so pretty. I think in the long run though I will end up with a beige gst because it is such a classy bag. This doesn't help at all!!!
  10. I'm 5 feet tall (well, with my heels I'm 5 feet 4, hehe), and I love my GST. It holds a lot, and does get softer with use.

    Also, the classic shopper with zip top retails for $2225, at least it was when I got my red one with the new chain?
  11. Another vote for GST - it does not overwhelm a petite person.
  12. GST sounds more up your alley.
  13. You can't go wrong with GST.
  14. go for the GST.
  15. I would go with the GST. PST is too small, even if you plan to carry only a notebook to class.