Gryson Skye Grey with White Trim

  1. Calling all Gryson experts. Does any have/have pictures of the grey gryson with white trim? Please share pictures and thoughts of those that have seen this one IRL :smile: I found pictures on Active Endeavors and I really like it. However, sure does look like brown and not grey to me.

    Thanks a million!
  2. Yes, I had this bag and sold it. Here is a pic I had saved. I don't know why it was called grey either because it always looked more of a taupe, but it was still a pretty color and the white handles were a nice contrast.

  3. May I ask why you sold it?
    I'm contemplating purchasing one.
  4. PS-hello to a fellow Virginia-er!
  5. Also- was this from the Spring '07 line? And- does this match black clothing/shoes or not at all?
  6. I sold it because it was too small for me and the zippers were so stiff. Now granted they would probably loosen up over time but since I found the size not to be right for me, I'll never know. That being said, the leather was gorgeous, the suede lining is very nice and I still think it's a cute bag. I just ordered the Gryson Olivia in mushroom from Adasa. That size seems to be better for me and I love the look of Gryson bags.

    I think it was from the Spring line and I think it would go just fine with black. Gryson does offer a bag that is grey with black handles and I think that is more of a true grey than this one. Hope that helps fellow Virginian!
  7. Thanks a million Justwatchin'; I appreciate it:smile: (PS- not sure where in VA you live- but I note your "name" incorporates our Virginia drawl). I moved from NoVa to Charlottesville (for school) and now to Richmond (for grad school and then work) and my accent gets getting stronger and stronger. Well, at least my husband likes it :smile:
  8. Gryson's zippers are very sturdy and stiff but I've had mine for quite awhile now and they do loosen with use. You never have to worry about a zipper breaking...that's for sure...LOL I helped mine out a bit by rubbing the teeth with clear unscented chapstick and then spent a half hour just working them. They are fine after awhile.
    I know alot say the Skye is too small but if you open the side snaps you get alot more room and a different look.

    Gryson1.JPG Gryson3.JPG
  9. woodstock, do you know if the talia from gryson's sale is going to be with white trim or black trim? Though I've never seen photos of it, I was almost sure it wouldn't be white, but if it is.... I'll be worried how dirty it will get. And it most likely won't even be grey?... I need to absorb that. I must admit, it's weird buying a bag I don't even know how it looks like!
  10. Lexie, your woven bag is gorgeous. Good idea to loosen the zippers with chapstick. I hope I won't be fighting with the Olivia when it comes.

    Woodstock, good luck with your purchase and just as a FYI, I live in Mechanicsville.
  11. Lexie, that is one gorgeous gryson!! The skye is too small, you say? I'm a little nervous the talia is going to be really really small :hrmm:
  12. Lexie- Thanks so much for sharing! All the prior pictures I had seen- I really didn't like the woven (to be honest, thought it looked like the leather was "diseased!"). BUT- your pictures have converted me- it is absolutely stunning and sooo unique. Way cooL!!! Would love to see a modeling pic :smile:
    Itzme- I would think the trim on Talia will be white? But, perhaps black or even the same grey as the bag itself- Talia was apparently a bag from the first season that they discontinued.
    Justwatchin-so cool you are near me! I'll have to keep an eye out around town for your and your Olivia:smile: Congrats on your new acquisition!
  13. Oh Nooo, The woven leather is TDF!!! It's better looking than in my pics. My pics make it look muted and blended although the leather strips are actually woven like on a lattice top pie :smile: It does make for a heavier bag but you can't help but put up with the weight because the bag is so so unique.

    And I hate to Hijack the thread but since we are all Lovin' on Grysons here I just got a Jesse today. I love it. Understated and not big (12x8x6) but it can hold all of my stuff and has a long detachable cross body strap. The thread is so nicely distressed it's going to be able to get scratched up and look better and better. Handle has heavy dogleash clips. I got it for a great deal on eBay for 250.

    GrysonJesse1.JPG GrysonJesse2.JPG GrysonJesse3.JPG
  14. Lexie- Hijack away. I love the Jesse- it is so cool! I've never seen many pictures of it- so could never fully appreciate. You really have gone Gryson crazy! Might have to change your Avatar from "Kooba Queen" to "Gryson Queen" (though it might not have the same ring to it!)
  15. Wow Lexie, gorgeous Jessie! I saw some similar (smaller) styles in red and green that were kinda scratched at Nordstrom Rack a couple months ago. Those colors did not seem like they would age as well, but that tan looks like it will patina beautifully and scratches will only add charater. I love it!