Gryson Olivia - repair or return

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  1. I thought my Olivia would last forever. I always carry it with the side snaps closed. The other day I noticed one of the snaps was opened. When I went to close it, I realized it was broken. I'm going to contact Gryson and ask about repair. But I got it at Nordies and usually they will give a refund. I like my Olivia. It's great for travel. While I don't usually carry a lot, when I travel by air, I can put a magazine in there and a book, etc. But it's always tempting when offered a refund, to get something new and different.
    Does anyone have experience with Gryson repairs? Any opinions re repair vs refund?
  2. I love my Olivia's (I actually purchased one off ebay with the snap missing. I took it to a shoe repair and had it fixed) so I vote for repair.
  3. Thanks Toni...I'm not sure I'd have confidence in my local cobbler for this. Anyone with experience sending bags to Gryson for repair? If so, did they charge? thanks
  4. These are the kinds of jobs a cobbler is best at. I don't know why you would doubt them. Its really a very simple job.

    You might want to call Gryson back and ask if they charge. That will be the most accurate answer.

    You could also consider taking it back to Nordies and just getting a new one?
  5. I took one back to Gryson to fix (a rivet fell out) and they had it done in. . . maybe a week? Really fast and friendly, and no charge or BS or anything.
  6. Has anyone had any recent experiences with the Gryson customer service? The zipper pull on my Tate just snapped, and I need to get it replaced.

  7. thanks for all the helpful info, the metal attachment on one of the longer straps of my gryson olivia broke, and so i haven't been able to use it in a long time. i will contact gryson and see what they say :smile:
  8. I haven't heard a peep from or about Gryson in ages. I hope they take care of you ladies.
  9. if you bought it in nordstrom, take it back there, they will get it repaired for you.
  10. I emailed gryson and got no help. Then I called them and the guy I talked to told me to email them and they would send me a bolt to repair my bag. A couple of weeks passed and nothing. So I brought it to Nordies. They said in some cases they will have it repaired for a charge but in my case they sent it out without charging me. The repair was adequate. After that (about six weeks after my email to Gryson), I got my bolts in the mail from Gryson.
  11. Six weeks, wow! Gryson had better get on the ball!

    I recently bought a Fan Hobo by Botkier from 2006 that was missing a stud, I called Botkier who asked me to email them a pic of the area and I receeived two studs from them in about thee days.
  12. I emailed in fall when I was interested in their bags. never heard back.
  13. Yes, by the time I got the bolt I had no use for it. I just keep in bag in case another one breaks