hubby just doen't get it

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  1. My DH just told me all of my patent leather bags look like plastic and that they look cheap! This really hurt my feelings!
  2. My DH doesn't like patent, either. I feel your pain. :flowers:
  3. that's what my dh says too. that's why i haven't gotten one yet but i want one!!!
  4. My DH doesn't like patent leather too. That's why I never own any.
  5. So sorry your dh doesn't like your bag. I have never been fond of patent leather myself, but I really value my dh's opinion and if he did not like one of my bags it would hurt my feelings. So I totally understand.
  6. that is sooo funny that you're posting this b/c just tonight my husband said he doesn't really like patent leather either, he prefers plain leather!!!! i told him tough titty said the kitty...I DO! :P
  7. Sorry he was unflattering about your patent bags GrayHoundGal! :hugs:

    I think your avatar is lovely. I love whippits and grayhounds.

    I felt that way about patent leather initially until I discovered a style which I totally fell head over heels over and the patent just looks amazing with this style. Yeah, I'm talking about the Zoe.

    I think that with all the bags out there in the market, many of the patent-like bags are made of PVC. So, he must have been jaded by all the cheap cr@p out there :yucky: that he cannot appreciate the real patent leather when it bites him on the nose.

    For me, the bigget *bonus* with patent leather is that it's worry-free during rainstorms and I find the cool feel very soothing on a very hot summer day. I don't mind the 'plasticky' feel anymore once I got used to it. In fact, I think I've fallen head over heels with Patent, but only with the Zoe style. In the cooler weather, I will be returning to my all-leather bags and keep my patent protected from the cold weather to avoid cracking.

    I would say don't worry about what he feels/thinks. He's not carrying it. You are. And you have tPF to come to share your thoughts. Most men don't really understand our love for handbags. My BF has been very supportive even though he's not keen on patent. He's understanding enough not to say it directly to my face when I have my heart set on a bag. That's why I :heart:adore:heart: him so much!
  8. ugh, i'm sorry! no offense to your hubby but he's a man! they just don't typically appreciate things like this. i personally prefer regular leather but don't think coach patent leather looks like plastic or cheap! i actually almost bought a patent leather berry zoe but talked myself out of it. sure there are cheap looking patent leather bags, but there are cheap looking other types of bags, too. if you like them, don't worry about what he says.
  9. My Hubby says the same thing too
  10. Mwahahahahhahahaha! Great response!

    It's cracking me up that so many DHs don't like patent (read some of these posts to my DH, and he smirked at me!).
  11. Most men don't have much fashion sense and maybe it's a good thing...don't take it personally. My DH says that alot of my bags are tacky or gaudy (sp?) but he doesn't have to wear them. I used to think the same thing about patent but it has grown on me...with my fawn zoe.
  12. My DH loves the patent poppy groovy better than the leather. He compliments the way it looks all the time.
  13. I didn't like it until I met Maggie :cloud9:
  14. I agree with T-girl about loving the Zoe in patent. So pretty! Whatta bag... especially in berry and dark coral. Talk about sharp!

    In fact, I like the look of Coach patent, in general. The colors just seem to pop in patent...they look richer to me, more vivid with all that shine. My DH generally compliments all my bags (seems to think it's cute I like my handbags so well, etc.), but if he didn't like one, I would still wear it (especially if I loved it).

    I agree with the others here who question the taste men have in handbags. :nogood: At the end of the day, who cares? If I want advice about who I should add to my fantasy football team, I'll go to my DH... but I figure a woman's gotta follow her heart when it comes to choosing a handbag. ;)
  15. so well put! note to self, try to get past dh's aversion to patent!