Got the Part time in black on my trip to Paris

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  1. Love this bag, it has replace the city in my heart I think :smile: Really like the GH in silver!

  2. Oh wow!!! LOVE the leather on that bag! It looks fabulous!
  3. Thanks iluv it's a gorgeous bag, great leather!
  4. I'm slobbering! (That's a good thing!) Gorgeous, perfect bag! Congratulations. On some weird level, don't you love it even more because you got it in Paris???

    Okay, I've been wondering whether to get a Black City or a Black PT. I'm worried that the PT might slouch TOO much because of the extra length...but I'd LOVE the extra room. How do you find its slouchability (:p) compared to the City?

    Many thanks...and enjoy your new beauty!
  5. ^^^^^

    Thanks Maggien, Yes i love it more because I got it in Paris, such lovely memories :smile:

    I have always been a City fan, only really loved two Bbags the Work & the City but seriously now I adore the PT. Extra room, more Bbag & still slouchy, couldn't ask for anything more :smile:
  6. OMG - I Love :heart: that bag...the silver hardware looks great against the black, and is fantastic on the larger sized bag...:drool: This definitely has to go on my wishlist! Congrats on such a fab bag, and hope you had an awesome time in Paris!
  7. Beautiful!!!! :heart: I love the PT.
  8. What a stunning bag!!! So elegant!!:nuts:
  9. Thanks Ally, Berlyn & batgirl, I had a fabulous time in Paris
  10. BagAngel....Oh My! It's a BEAUTY!:yahoo:
  11. Ahhh, Bbag from Paris.:drool: It must smell like Paris too. :pCongrats, :yahoo:very classic and chic.:tup:
  12. :huh:Ooh.. i like ~!!! Great choice.. is this color black or steel? Looks great ;)
  13. Thanks Blessings, Nanaz & Oogie, it is black
  14. Congrats BagAngel!
  15. Great choice! love the PT! congrats! was a cheaper in Paris???