Got the bags but...

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  1. They are poorly made and I'm feeling bad for keeping low quality bags just because I got a good deal. When you do a charge and send with Saks, how do you go about doing an exchange? I do not want to return them because I got it pre-increase and at the EGC event. Closest Saks to me is almost 2 hours away and they don't have the bags I want to exchange. The SA's there are not being helpful since they did not sell me the bags. Is my only option is to return the bags?:sad:
  2. :sad: Oh, I am so sorry you are having problems. Unfortunately I don't shop at Saks for my I don't know how they might handle this, but there are a lot of Saks ladies here who will know...
  3. If you are not happy return them to any Saks, which bags are the ones that you are referening to?
  4. I already stated the reasons why I prefer an exchange over a return. I want to exchange a black caviar timeless clutch and a jumbo white caviar. There is a thread for the clutch The jumbo alignment is very off, clue sticking out of back pocket and I may have a loose stitch. I must have bad Chanel karma!
  5. then maybe you should contact the SA that sold you the bags for an exchange w/her so you wont loose your EGC. like send the bags back to her and she can find you a better quality bags.
  6. i wrote a thread about the same problem. i had to actually pick through several bags so i could find the one i wanted. if you have n ot worn the bags and they still have receipts they will return them and you will get your money back. if it is over a certain length of time i think they credit you. good luck!!!
  7. Unfortunately, I think I'm on my own since my SA didn't return my email and when I called he said will see what he can do but haven't heard from him since. So many ladies here got good service from this SA so I hope will get a call from him soon.
  8. hi again, why don't you send them back to the original person who helped you as they come with a return label. i had to return mine as well and they said they would honor the egc for exchange. i did the same thing and since i was not pysically there to pick out my bags, they both had similar problems. fortunately i have several saks inthe area where i could return them. i would call saks just to make sure. next time have the salesgirl look over the bag for you and if it is still not good, either make the drive or move on--
  9. Cookie - May I ask which Saks you ordered from? Mine did not have a return label.
  10. saks new york. if you want i can see if i still have it and send it to you--my husband just took out the garbage. however, i am getting my third replacement bag and should have one in there if interested let me know
  11. Cookie - Thanks for the offer, really nice of you!

    My SA is at the Bala Cynn store and ordered them from the San Antonio store. Returning is easy as I can return at my local Saks that don't even have a Chanel store but exchanging is another story. Still trying to figure out where to send my return and how to go about it.
  12. i have an idea. if you want i can call you to discuss. i think this may work!!
  13. Oh gosh...I'm sorry. This is just awful. This seems unacceptable with a "quality" product and manufacturer such as Chanel. Possibly you were given bags that had been on display or something. Under lights, handeled by customers etc. I would call, get a manager (and get their name) and return them and ask for new, untouched bags, not displays. It shouldn't be a problem to have them replaced. Good Luck
  14. i am having the same experience with the bala cynn store. my SA told me she is going to mail me a new one from another store, but so far i haven't seen anything.... i think you will be fine as long as you work with the same SA to get a better quality bag. i am not going to return mine, but i will exchange it until i find one that is good quality!
  15. I guess I'm going to nag my SA until he find me a replacement. I don't think is right that we have to go through all this trouble for an exchange. BTW mine was not a display, it came nicely wrap and brand new. I believe Chanel quality control has gone downhill!