Got photos of your Paradiso?

  1. Hey guys, I'm thinking about ordering a Paradiso Zucca SOON and I dont know what type of placement/characters I want on it the most.

    This is gonna be my first Paradiso (and Zucca!) so.. I dont really know what type of characters they have on them. :shrugs:

    Please show me pics of your Paradiso bags if you have them! Thanks a bunch! :smile:
  2. Check out eBay, they have lots of different placements,
    Personally I wanted the guy making sushi and the dressed up Mozzarella, I didn't care about the rest that much (I'm getting a zucca too :heart: ).

    This is them, on a ciao ciao though.


    Oh, I also wanted the yellow monkey, lucky they're all in one scene.
    And this is not my bad or my flickr, just to be clear. :yes:
  3. yeah that sushi boy is about that punk rocker w/blue guitar?? ...and the girl w/monkey :love: (I :love: the monkey not the girl :lol:)
  4. Yes vmasterz! I just edited, I forgot about the monkey, I asked for him too, don't care about the girl either. ;)
  5. thats such an awesome bag!

    I love the guy with the sushi and the guy shampooing his hair! sooo cuute!

    vmasterz - I've never seen the girl with the monkey.. do you have a pic? :smile:
  6. Miss : Dana- look at the picture I posted, right under the sushi guy and to the right, there's a cut off yellow monkey.
  7. hahah youre right i see it :love: heee
  8. awww! They're all so cute!

    Definitely gonna try to get the sushi guy! And he's right next to the monkey! Even better! :smile:

    Aww you guys are so nice :smile:

    The snow/cloud man is cute too!
  9. I can't wait to get it, my sister should be landing right now and going to check in the hotel and pick up the packages, I hope everything went ok and it's there waiting for her, it's 450$ worth of merch. :lol:

    Haha I love the idiotic smiley.

    There was another zucca with the sushi guy on the front when I called (I think...) so hurry up and get it.
  10. yeah Im not fond of paradiso cuz of the babies, but that picture of the zucca on eBay looks soo yummy! hahaha noo must resist! I :love: inferno haha!

    Annieb likes that smiley too hahhaa or was it this one :upsidedown:
  11. I didn't like the paradiso at ALL, I hate babies and children and people (as cartoons (and in general :sneaky:)), I prefer animals, that's why I like the cactus dogs so much. :love:

    But the colors got to me, and the sushi and Mozzarella... they are too cute.
  12. Oooh sushi guy on the front?! Awesome :lol:

    haha I like that guy too.. makes me smile whenever I look at him

    *sigh* all my money is going away.. to the Zucca.. and tmrw I gotta order Gloomy bear stuff from JapanLA for my friend's bday.. poop
  13. I need something in the Inferno print too.. but idk what. Argh thats more money!

    Gotta save :sad:

    gotta pay for summer school too.
  14. Ha I know how you feel...all my $$ went to a bunch of Infernos that should be coming in like 2 days from now.. plus I didnt pay for this semester yet..also I have summer school to attend to as well hahah :lol:

    snoopa: so you dont like ppl on your bags in general?? only pets? I guess Im like that too...majority of my bags are in Inferno and Foresta...:p