Gold and Silver Suhali Lockits on LV Website!!!

  1. oh goodness, will some one get it please?? :drool: I'd love to see some model pix :graucho:
  2. Wow........the silver one is making my mouth water. It's simply beautiful.
  3. YUM.... both look GREAT!! :drool:

    Here are pics if the LV site doesn't load for you:




  4. I saw those in the stores, the inside lining was just delish
  5. hmmm.... saw them too..... and I must be one of the few who do not like them at all.... (just the metallicness)
  6. hubba hubba come to momma! how much is this and how hard is it to get??
  7. The gold is BEAUTIFULLLL!!!!!! :drool::heart:
  8. I agree ... i adore suhali but just not a fan of these at all ..I prefer miroir:yes:
  9. I just saw Gold Lockit PM at store but not yet sale at public for while :sad:

    I ask SA let me to take photo for modelling myself but I can't share my photo to this website coz.. too embarassment to me :shame:

    nice tough but... I might be changed my mind that I no longer to buy this bag due flashy?? pricey?? to small???

    sigh... I am soooo confuse!!! :s:upsidedown::push:
  10. ^^ if you know that you will use it then go for it ..I have the white PM and don't find the size too small at all. I agree it IS an expensive bag so you have to ensure that it is what you want:yes:
  11. shalomjude,

    yes indeed :yes:

    hmm... maybe this 'flash' bright gold colour suitable for someone who dare show their big money such as millionaire, WAG, Hollywood star :tup: or
    sort of 'harajuku' girl whom conquer all kinds fashion?!?! :shrugs:

    I am just ordinary and classic girl hehehe... :girlsigh:
  12. ^^ what about the blue lockit PM as it is also LE and I think the same price as the usual PM lockits??? If you won't wear it point in wasting all that money;) What about the gold or silver suhali zippy wallet??? I think it is $1260 AU$$$.
  13. my SA did compliment me and suggested me get this bag, but I notice that she just focus my bag not overall my fashion sense :p

    actually this incident being hush hush due this bag not yet sale on the public and kindly let me take photo!

    I can't wait to show photo in my camera to my friend tommorrow to hear her opinion!!

    maybe she's give same answers same as here TPF!!
    "why not buy more bags equal that price!!" :p
  14. funny though!! you mentioned blue!!
    I have photo that compare Gold PM and Blue GM